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The beloved gun dog and family: The American Cocker Spaniel

The American Cocker Spaniel is a medium sized breed of gun dog that developed from the same family as the English Cocker Spaniel. This breed originated from England and originally hunted woodcock and this is where the name cocker was derived. During the 1940s, the cocker was introduced and developed in the US and this new breed was named the American Cocker Spaniel.

 For the Americans, this breed is just Cocker Spaniel. In Canada and Europe, it is called the American Cocker Spaniel. This breed was primarily intended to become a gun dog, hunting games such as birds but today it is well known as an adorable and loving house pet.

Spaniels in the UK were originally brought from Spain and were later developed to become superb hunting dogs. These hunting Spaniels then bore the Cocker Spaniel and Springer Spaniel in one litter and were only separated during adulthood as different types of Spaniels. But through the use of the English Setter, the Cocker Spaniel was able to be solidified as a different breed.

One of the primary differences between an American Cocker Spaniel and an English Cocker Spaniel is that the American breed is smaller compared to the English variety. The coat of the American Cocker Spaniel is also particularly long than the English Cocker Spaniel. The head of the American Cocker Spaniel is rounder and its ears are dangling while the English Cocker Spaniel's head is rectangular and the ears shorter.

The ideal size of the American Cocker Spaniel is 15 inches and any dog which stands any higher than 15.5 inches is considered disqualified. The weight is generally 25 to 35 pounds although the males can be a bit heavier. The American Cocker Spaniel lives up to 12 years and is outlived by the English Cocker Spaniel by a year.

As a pet and as a dog show competitor, the luscious fur of this breed should be carefully groomed and maintained. The coat should be soft, smooth, long, flat and double coated. There are four categories that the coat colors of this breed fall under and these are: Black, ASCOB (Any Solid Color Other than Black), Tricolor, and Parti Color.

This breed, as a house pet, is friendly, outgoing, sweet and sensitive. As a gundog, it is bold, eager to work, and obedient. This dog is gentle, devoted, trusting and does not strive well under harsh training or treatment.

The American Cocker Spaniel is fairly active and has an infinite stamina and so daily exercise should be given to it. Keeping the fluff healthy and beautiful requires daily brushing and shampooing. Additionally, regular nail clipping, coat trimming, and eyes cleaning should also be implemented.


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