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The Teacup Yorkie

Originally bred in the mid-19th century Yorkshire, England to catch rats, the Yorkshire Terrier was first introduced to Americans in 1872. In 1878, it was one of the first breeds to be acknowledged by the American Kennel Club as eligible for registration. Since then, these cute little pups have warmed our hearts and our homes, earning a spot as the second most popular breed in the United States. Like all the Yorkshire Terrier types, the Teacup Yorkie is bright, energetic, and a favorite of dog lovers everywhere.

Teacup Yorkies are bright, energetic and good-natured dogs, although they aren't really considered to be a breed of their own. Instead, they are simply Yorkshire terriers that have been bred to be exceptionally small in size. What they lack in stature, however, they more than make up for in spunk and personality. Teacup Yorkies are well known for being full of energy, courage and loyalty. They get along well with other animals, but their boldness makes them likely to assert themselves as the leader of the pack when placed in a home with several dogs. They are brave, and will not back down from a fight, even with a larger dog. This makes them unsuited for homes with small children, as problems can ensue.

All Yorkshire Terrier types are known for being very independent, and the Teacup Yorkie is no exception. They can, at times, be territorial and do like to have their space. That being said, they're equally happy lying at their owner's feet or in warm lap.

When it comes to intelligence, the Teacup Yorkie has been ranked as being an above average working dog. They are very quick to pick up new commands, and take to training easily. This makes them wonderful competitors in dog shows, where understanding and carrying out their handler's commands are important. Add that to the fact that they are brimming with energy and it's easy to see why they're always a favorite in show. Because of their sharp, active minds, a large selection of toys is a good idea to keep them happy and occupied.

Teacup Yorkies are charming and intelligent. However, because of their sharp minds, they can get bored very quickly. While they may not need a lot of room to run, frequent walks and a wide variety of toys and distractions are a necessity to keep them occupied. They tend to be very easy to train, as they pick up commands very quickly, and have even been shown to recognize and retrieve different toys by name. Despite this high level of intelligence, though, they are known to be very difficult to house-train.

Whether you live a Hollywood mansion or a small New York apartment, Teacup Yorkies make wonderful pets. Bold, protective, loving and loyal, they provide outstanding companionship for any dog lover. Their small size makes it easy for them to fit in to any size household, and their good-natured disposition makes it easy for them to adjust to families with several animals already in residence.

Although they're not recommended for homes with small children, they should get along fine with children who are older. They even make great traveling companions when it comes time to take a family vacation.

Like most small dogs, Teacup Yorkies can suffer from several illnesses, so it's important to know what to look for when you're selecting your pup. You'll also find lists of reputable breeders who take great care of their animals, and who'll help you in finding a healthy, happy puppy.

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