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Grooming your dog and dog grooming kits

Remember that just like you uphold your physical appearance to look and feel healthy, your dog demands physical care and proper grooming to lead a happy, healthy life. Training one's dog constitutes a vital responsibility of the dog owner. Each dog owner should purchase a healthy dog grooming kit that contains tools to carry out the basic activities of dog grooming:

Brushing your dog's fur is vital to ascertain good fur & a shining, healthy coat. Since a couple of dogsdogs are afraid to have their hair brushed, it is an easy process.Longhaired dogs need everyday brushing while dogs with short hair need it once a month. Regular brushing during shedding assures prevention of hair buildup and excessive shedding.

Nail cutting or filing of nails needs extra care and knowledge as cutting nails too close would lead to bleeding paws & instill a permanent fear in the dog's mind against nail clipping.

Most dogs require to be bathed on monthly basis, though the time interval depends upon the fur type & condition. It's best to use a soap-free dog shampoo to keep the coat clean & shining. By all means, avoid human shampoo if you don't wish your dog to come down with blizzards. A severely matted dog might need a thorough shave.

Ear care includes wiping the ears clean with cotton dabs dipped in ear cleaners. Dogs with long & droopy ears and/ or those with infections need frequent treatment, often with specific medicinal drug.

Fur clipping or haircuts are essential at regular time intervals, depending on the texture and length of the hair. This can be done by an experienced, confident owner or a professional groomer on a cleaned, tangle free dog coat. Maintaining a clean coat prevents fleas & parasites.

Check the items in your dog grooming kit to see if they are suitable for your specific breed of dog. As for clippers, an ergonomic shape is the best. Make sure that the clipper does not involve any perplexed system of removing & attaching blades. Also, it should be tough, shouldn't heat up too soon & be equipped with a quiet, fast motor.

Everyone should always keep a clotting agent or a styptic pencil handy in the dog grooming kit while trimming nails, so that the dog can be attended to if its paws start bleeding.

After a bath followed by drying with an absorptive towel, it's important to blow dry your dog's coat. A dog grooming kit may or may not contain a blow dryer. Use a blow dryer especially designed for dogs. A human one might singe the coat of the dog.

If one doesn't want to get one's home wet and hairy, doing it in the garden or backyard is a good idea. One can groom a dog on the ground or on a table.

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