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Poodle grooming: What to remember

Poodle GroomingThe process of choosing a dog can definitely be difficult, especially since there are literally hundreds of different breeds to choose from. The Poodle is one of the most loved dogs these days, and it is really no wonder why. They are loving, affectionate, and energetic, not to mention beautiful. The reason that they are so beautiful however is because there is a great deal of time and effort put into their grooming. Leaving them alone for long periods of time is also out of the question.

Poodle grooming requires a lot of time and patience, and so this is not the ideal breed for busy individuals, those who are hardly ever home. These dogs are very high maintenance and they will act out if they are left alone for a longer period of time than they would like. Older people enjoy Poodles, because they are usually home during most of the day, and so both owner and pet are satisfied.

This is not a good breed for people who are very busy or who are otherwise barely home, and the Poodle will actually act out if they are left alone even for just a couple of hours. They do not like to be on their own and they will lash out if left alone longer than they would like, by barking incessantly and chewing destructively.

There are a few processes which are particularly important in Poodle grooming, one in particular being clipping. It is essential to keep the hair on a Poodle trimmed and neat, especially since it tends to grow at such a rapid rate. Keep in mind that the puppy will most likely be afraid of the clippers at first, and so the best idea is to let them become a little familiar with them before forcing them upon the dog.

The best idea, when introducing a Poodle puppy to clippers is to turn the machine on and hold it a few feet away from them, so that they are not being forced and so that they can take a minute to look at the clippers and understand that they are not going to hurt them. Let the puppy become familiar with the sound of the clippers and then start lower down on their body rather than on their head so that they will be less frightened.

Handle the puppy firmly but gently when using clippers on him, and make sure to let them know that this is not a time to play and that they are not going to get hurt. After a few times the puppy will remember this and will not be freaked out by the clippers. Some even learn to enjoy the task.

Although a Poodle puppy cut is a very important part of the grooming process, there are many others as well. Taking care of a Poodle's eyes, for instance, is very important, especially because most poodles have runny eyes. Their runny eyes are a result of their tear ducts being too small to accommodate the tears that their eyes produce, and not due to poor breeding or any type of sickness.

Daily cleaning of the eyes with nonalcoholic baby wipes is typically the best idea, and will keep the dog from getting infections in the eye. These and other Poodle grooming processes are easy enough for an owner to do on their own, but anyone who feels unsure or uncomfortable with any of these processes should know that there are many dog grooming professionals out there who are able to help out with this, for a small price of course but will make things a great deal easier on the owner.

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