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A happy dog will live and love longer

Having possession of a pet is not an easy job. You have a series of duties to fulfill so that they can develop into well-mannered adult creatures in just a few years. These duties include fulfilling their basic needs as well as their whims. From their food to their dog house, from their grooming to their health necessities, all these tasks will be yours to worry about as soon as you have the contract signifying ownership of your pet. It is no different from being a good model to a human baby.

Dogs rank high on the list of the most wanted pet in the record of mankind. They are faithful, effortless to train, highly intelligent and fun to be with. Whether you like guard dogs like German shepherd or pit bulls, toy dogs like poodle or Chihuahua, sport dogs like Dalmatian and St. Bernard, you will surely be having the moment of your life if you spent it with these brilliant creatures.

Since you get a lot of benefits hanging out with your pet dog, doesn't it follow that you should also do everything within your means to keep them blissful? It's the least you can do for all the unforgettable moments that they have given you. Here are some significant ways to make your dog happy. Read on.

The primary thing that you ought to do to maintain your dog in a state of heaven is to supply it with the obligatory food, water, exercise, dog house and a regular visit to the affable neighborhood veterinarian. Make sure that you are presenting them with nutrients that are suitable for their breed and age. Larger dogs require more calories and protein than their tinier counterparts. In a similar approach, puppies have somewhat different nutritional requirements than their adult counterparts. Dogs with deep and feathery coat also need supplementary zinc and other minerals compared to those with thinner and finer hair.

An exercise routine every day or very week is the way to go in terms of bodily activities for these four-legged canines. Walking them in the park or playing Frisbee with them three times a week for a minimum of at least 30 minutes per session is enough to give their cardiovascular system a high-quality calisthenics. This will avert them from getting obese or developing diseases like atherosclerotic hearts.

A refuge is necessary to protect them from the extremes of the temperature. It will also act as their protection during windy days.

Visiting the local vet will also guarantee that they are in tiptop shape. Be cognizant of their needed vaccinations. Shots against rabies and Parvo virus must be ticked off in their medical record. Pay attention to your vet's recommendation if he wants added immunizations because they are responsive that each dog breed has varying needs.

You may also give your canine companions a treat once in a while by giving them pampering sessions in a dog spa. Bubbly shower baths nail clipping, fur trimming, tooth brushing and other related services will make your pet dog feel so loved. Accordingly, these hygienic activities will also assist in evicting the irritating fleas that might have invaded their susceptible skin.

Spend quality time with your pooch. Aside from your bonding moments during your exercise session, make time to cuddle with him as soon as you get home from work. You may also try talking to him like you would any normal person. Studies show that relating with animals lower the stress hormone cortisol in the body. Therefore, this seemingly simple task will then give long-term benefits to both of you.

Lastly, dog-proof your home so that accidents can be avoided or at the very least, minimized. Make sure all electrical appliances are kept or installed in harmless places. Be particular about floppy wires and blunt or heavy kitchen apparatus and utensils spread just about anywhere. Place your things in their proper locations so that your pet dog won't trip on it.

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