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Dog health information - Dog health symptoms

If you are a loving pet owner, your dog's health is extremely important to you. You will notice things in their behavior before anyone else, almost like one of your children. Keeping a close eye on changes and determining if they are acting abnormal can quickly pinpoint key health symptoms. Having some, basic knowledge of common illnesses will let you know more quickly if a trip to the veterinarian is in order.

When considering dog health symptoms, remember that the best thing that you can do to be attentive to your dog's normal behavior. The better you know your dog, the better off you will be when it comes to trying to help him heal. Think about whether your dog is outgoing and patient or more nervous and restive. You'll find that a change in behavior can signify a great deal. For instance, if your dog is typically very friendly but has gone into hiding and whines at being petted, this could be a sign that he is in trouble.

When it comes to dog health blood in urine is something that you should keep an eye out for. This can be be an indication of kidney disease or kidney failure, and as such, requires immediate veterinary assistance. If you notice that there is blood in your dog's urine, you'll find that you should take him to the veterinarian immediately. Quick action at this point can save your dog's life, so don't delay.

Another common complaint among pet owners is vomiting. Dogs will do this mildly when they have eaten something that does not agree with them. Like the time my mini-pin ate a battery. However if you notice repeated vomiting with fever or pain symptoms it is more than likely a health issue. Nausea and vomiting can be a sign of stomach ulcers or a more serious ailment. No matter the cause, the effect on your pets' health can be devastating since she could dehydrate very quickly. In severe cases, pets have died from dehydration.

When looking for symptoms of poor health in your dog do not overlook their coat. A dogs coat should feel thick and look relatively glossy. If you reach down to pet your dog and find that the coat is oddly dry and brittle or there are bald patches you should check into the cause. One common cause of a bad coat is worms; this parasite robs the dog of nutrition and therefore leaves the coat unhealthy. Of course, if you have a dog whose hair is naturally coarse, like a wirehaired terrier then this rule does not apply.

These a few basic health problems can easily be detected when you know what to look for. In conclusion, take the extra time to interact daily with your pet and pay attention to the little things. You never know when you may inadvertently save your dogs life by noticing symptoms of failing health early.

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