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Going herbal on your dog

In today's day of natural medicines and herbs to cure human ailments, why not try them for dogs. Growing your own herbs at home allows you some options to treat certain issues for your dog. Save money and help your pet, enough said.

The use of Aloe Vera as a medicinal purpose has been going on for centuries. People have been using it for scrapes, burns and other injuries. Our pets can also benefit from this for stomach ulcers, wounds and burns.

Gas or constipation can also be cured by this amazing plant. For internal issues, this aloe Vera can be ingested by your dog by mixing it into the dog's food. External issues are cured by rubbing a little Aloe Vera on the affected area. Topically or ingested, Aloe Vera is a plus for dogs.

As an anti-inflammatory or antifungal medicine, the calendula herb's uses continue to be discovered. It's also used as a dressing for any wound or cut. Grow your own remedies for your and your pet, right in your own back yard.

The petals of the flowers can be directly applied to dress the wound. The petals can also be used as an antiseptic wash by making them into a tea which helps to prevent bacteria from growing. Good to know that these sweet little petals can also serve a purpose.

Using the ever popular ginger root as a tea or tincture for your pets upset stomach is something new. We have been using it for years for our own aliments, so when not share the same results with our pets. Give your dog some relief from that upset tummy with a spot of tea.

Goldensel is a powerful herb that works as an antibiotic against the connection of bacteria to the walls of cells. It also acts as a treatment for dogs with stomach and bowel aliments. Additionally you can use it as an eye wash for your dog's eye infection or weepy eye syndrome.

Try the triple action of chamomile, valerian and California poppy for your hyper dog. Only a few drops of valerian are needed combined with the tinctures, teas and extracts all serve to keep your pets blood pressure lowered asthma under control and repel those parasites!

It's always best to consult your veterinarian prior to using these remedies. Herbs are no longer restricted to us using them for cooking or our own aliments. These multi-useful items around the house will provide your pet with a healthier, happier life.

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