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Keeping your dog's ears clean

Paying special attention to your dogs ears when you are grooming him can help to prevent painful ear infections from forming. Many dogs can be prone to troublesome, recurring infections of the ear and many owners must be on a constant watch for the beginning symptoms. In fact, you might want to ensure you have a good ear cleaner on hand.

Ear infections are generally divided into three categories; outer ear, middle ear and inner ear infections.

Treatment of outer ear infections can be pretty simple. Outer ear infections generally shows us an inflamed ear that may excrete a bad smelling waxy discharge. Middle and inner ear infections are more serious and usually need a veterinarian's attention as they can become quite sever very quickly. Many things can help to cause canine ear infections. Ear mites, bacterial overgrowth, and even food allergies can cause ear infections in dogs.

Making a thorough cleaning of the ears part of your grooming regimen will result in your dog having a higher tolerance for having his ears handled which could make dispensing medications into the ear an easier task. Cleaning your dogs ears on a regular basis will help to keep the area free from infections and other factors which can contribute to infections.

Ear cleaning is a simple matter for the most part. You can complete the required ear hygiene for most dogs with a simple ear cleaning solution and a soft rag. Raise your dog's ear to open it, apply cleaning solution and rub the ear gently to help loosen any dirt. Then clean the ear and dry with the soft cloth. Many dogs won't require frequent ear cleanings but should have their ears inspected to be sure they are free of waxy build up.

If your dog has a floppy style of ear, they could be susceptible to infection due to the fact they can cut off air which helps their ears. Extra follicles of hair can grow as well reducing ear flow even more. You can stop any problems from occurring through ensuring that you properly maintain their ears during the whole grooming process.

If your dog has developed the symptoms of an ear infection, there are a few things that can be done to ease his discomfort until you can get the animal to the vet. Placing a few drops of Cod Liver or Vitamin E oil inside the affected ear can soothe the pain of an ear infection. A solution of white vinegar can also be applied to the ears to clean them.

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