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Natural dog arthritis treatment

Are you noticing something strange with your beloved dog nowadays? Perhaps his mobility has decreased, and he is not as fun-loving and active as he once was. Does he seem reluctant to being touched and petted? If this rings true for your pet, then it may be that he is suffering from canine arthritis. Find effective ways on how to alleviate dog joint pain in this helpful article today.

Human arthritis is similar to its canine counterpart. It is usually acquired through old age-wherein the years of the dog's active, and sometimes careless, lifestyle has caught up with him. Younger dogs sometimes become arthritic when they have sustained a blow in their legs. Sometimes it is also because they have skeletal deformities that led them to a kind of arthritis.

Arthritis is not a terminal disease; however, it is a condition that can be very painful for the victim. If you have a new dog, do not make the mistake of overfeeding him, or playing with him extreme sports. These put unnecessary stress on the canine's joints and will not be good for him in the long run. Now, if there is nothing you can do about it anymore-don't worry. You can avail of an excellent dog arthritis treatment for your dog's present state.

Before you proceed in anything-it is important that you know what it is that your dog is actually suffering from. You may not know it but some symptoms of arthritis are the same with some other canine diseases. Visit a reliable veterinarian and have your pet checked thoroughly to find out his correct diagnosis. Expect the vet to take some tests like blood test, radiographs, etc.

If your pet is indeed experiencing arthritis, then he will probably have to take non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs. These are used together with a supplement or a fluid modifier, hindering the progress of arthritis in the body of the dog. There are several kinds of NSAIDs and are generally safe; however, there are some reported cases wherein particular dogs do not respond well to it.

You may also make use of a natural dog arthritis treatment to deal with the degenerative and painful effects of arthritis. Herbs like stinging nettles, alfalfa and yucca help in detoxification of the circulatory system, strengthening of the joints, and relief from pain caused by inflamed joints. Enhance the animal's immune system with vitamins C and E, as well as fatty acids for his best health.

Remember, even if it is harmful to engage the animal in activity that is too extreme in nature, it is essential that he continues to exercise regularly. This ensures the maintenance of his ideal weight; and furthermore encourages lubrication in the joints and tissues. For more immediate relief from dog joint pain, get a bottle of his favorite aromatic oil, or olive oil and massage him to release tension and stress.

Life is good when you know you have a great friend waiting for you when you come home. Take the best care of him that you know how and enjoy more happy years together!

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