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Considering Brazilian Mastiffs

Male Brazilian mastiffs come in at well over 100 pounds and will stand upwards of thirty inches at the shoulder when they are full grown. Females are similarly large, though they tend to average around 90 pounds and are a few inches shorter as well. Both males and females will have short, soft fur, an extremely thick neck and resemble a bloodhound in the face. You might find this breed sporting coats of brindle, black, yellow and reddish tan, making it a very handsome dog.

This breed has the ability and the bone structure to run fast and to attack if they feel it is necessary. They are known for their bravery and their value as a watchdog due to their alertness is quite impressive. With good training, though, they can be as loving with children as they are fierce with strangers.

There are several qualities that set the Brazilian mastiff apart from other breeds. They do have the hunting instinct of the bloodhound in combination with the guarding instinct of the mastiff. They have been used in the past to herd and guard cattle, and in many ways they are an excellent, well-rounded working dog. Not only can they follow a trail, they can catch it and hold it when they find it. In times past, they were even trusted to keep wild jaguars away from the herd.

The Brazilian mastiff also has a history as a slave tracking dog, and interestingly enough, the word Fila means to hold in Portuguese. Not only do these dogs excel at hunting and holding, they can also run fast and hold an impressive gallop.

Be aware that Brazilian mastiffs are not fond of strangers. They distrust people that they do not know, which is a great quality in a guard dog, but somewhat less attractive in family dog. It is important that they undergo character training to make sure that they do not attack unless prompted to do so. This is one of the drawbacks of the breed and you will find that it is one thing that you should think about before you look into adopting one. There are many important things to remember when you are adopting a dog of this size. Even judges in dog shows are advised against touching these dogs.

While they can be absolutely savage with strangers, remember that the Brazilian mastiff is still a gentle and loving animal to his own pack. He can be very loyal to his master and is very protective of his own property. He will attack strangers and it is his natural instinct to attack when he is with someone he doesn't feel comfortable with.

When searching for a puppy it is recommended to get as much information from the breeder as possible. Go to dog shows and visit the homes of private breeders to see the kennels. Do not limit your search to one kennel. Make sure that you ask as many questions as you want. If the breeder is confident about their dogs, they will want to answer any questions that you may have. Shop around a little. There are plenty of websites that sell Brazilian Mastiffs and I am sure that they will add pictures so that you can see the many variety of colors and features.

With its rectangular shape, droopy hound dog ears and flabby lips, you can say that the Brazilian Mastiff is an adorable looking dog. If you don't know him well, you may want to stay clear of him, because his instincts tell him to attack. Despite the behavior towards any strangers, when it comes to children and his human family, this dog is sure to be as gentle as a kitten.

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