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Dog vitamins and supplements benefits

Many dog owners are under the impression that proper diet and enough exercise should be sufficient to keep their dog healthy. While it is certainly true that commercial dog foods have greatly improved digestibility and nutritional value when compared to pet foods of years past, vitamin supplements are an important component of your dog's health. Like humans, dogs can live a longer, happier life as a result of the health benefits that vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants provide.

Vitamins for are a critical measure for dogs, just as they are for people. More veterinarians and dog lovers than ever recognize that the key to pet health is a strong, healthy immune system and the prevention of premature aging and illness. Dog vitamins are a powerful tool that can help your pet lead a longer, happier life.

Dog vitamins are beneficial for a number of important reasons. First, certain antioxidants fight against the free radicals that can damage cells to cause cancer. Certain vitamins also aid in bolstering specific body systems to slow the physical deterioration that comes with aging. These effects include diminished eye sight, a compromised immune system, and weakened bones and cartilage.

Research has also shown that dog vitamins can help a dog live longer. The data indicates that the earlier in life you start your pet on a vitamin regimen, the greater the benefits your pet will reap. Dogs who begin receiving supplements while they are still puppies seem to fare better and suffer less illness and degeneration as they age.

One important thing to remember when you are choosing a multi-vitamin supplement for your dog is his individual needs and temperament. If he is young and active, he will need different nutrients than an old, sedentary dog. Take the time to discuss these matters with your vet, and look into the individual components of the vitamin supplement you are thinking of buying for your pet. You should also avoid supplements that contain fillers and other artificial ingredients. Instead, opt for the most natural supplement possible.

A good basic supplement should include vitamins A, B complex, and C, at a minimum. These nutrients foster a healthy immune system and increase antibody production to protect against communicable illnesses, battle free radicals in the body, promote optimal liver function, boost the production of red blood cells, and improve the health of your dog's skin, coat, mouth and eyes. Other important nutrients include chondroitin, glucosamine, and Omega fatty acids. These are essential for the health of your dog's skin, cartilage, and coat.

In many cases, pet owners say they see obvious improvements in their dog's health and behavior within just weeks of a starting a supplement regimen. The most obvious effects are a healthier coat, along with increased energy and stamina. But, the most important benefits can't be observed right away. These include counteracting the effects of aging in the long term, and prolonging your dog's life. This allows your pet to live as long and comfortable a life as possible. You'll enjoy your dog's company, all the while saving money on all those trips to the vet you won't have to make.

Improve your dog's health by starting him on a vitamin supplement regimen. It will pay off in fewer visits to the vet, and in the quality time you spend with your pet. Your dog will appreciate it!

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