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Feeding your Chihuahua

Deciding what to feed your Chihuahua is a major component of your Chihuahua's care. Regular exercise, periodic health check-ups, and vaccinations are also very important, but Chihuahua nutrition has a powerful influence on the dog's health, including the condition of the gums and teeth, the condition of the coat and skin, and the digestion.

As a small dog owner, you have a greater responsibility for your pet's diet than large dog owners. Large dogs weighing more than 20 pounds can eat greater volumes of food every day because their caloric needs are greater. Owners have more chances to provide nutrients for their dogs, and it's not a big deal if the dog eats a few table scraps every day.

Knowing what not to feed your Chihuahua for nutrition is at least as important as knowing what to feed it. Some foods that cause no health problems in humans are toxic to dogs and should be avoided at all costs. Chocolate, onions, and garlic are three such foods.

The symptoms of chocolate poisoning in dogs are vomiting, diarrhea, and excessive thirst. However, do not wait for your dog to experience symptoms, because they can take several hours to show up and by then it can be too late. Take your dog to the vet as soon as you suspect it has eaten any chocolate at all.

You should also avoid feeding your Chihuahua raw onions and raw garlic. These foods are less toxic to Chihuahuas than chocolate, but there is no reason to risk your pet's health by feeding it foods that are easily avoided like raw onions and garlic.

Now that you know what not to feed your dog, let's talk about the best diet for your Chihuahua. The only way to be absolutely certain your pet gets the proper nutrition may be to prepare and cook all of your dog's food. This is the kind of Chihuahua nutrition that proves your love for your dog. Chihuahua dog food recipes can be found in several popular cookbooks and newsletters, but you can make your own dog food for your Chihuahua by combining a few basic ingredients in different ways.

Dog food is simple to make. The best dog foods include a meat protein, a starch, and a vegetable. By combining these three elements, any owner can make home-cooked meals for their Chihuahua. All ingredients should be cooked before feeding them to your dog. Lean beef, pork, fowl, or lamb should be grilled, sauteed, or roasted and rice, potatoes, or noodles can be boiled or steamed.

Chihuahua care is a little trickier than caring for a big dog, but proper attention to your dog's diet and nutrition will pay off in the form of a healthy, well-nourished dog.

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