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Dog cage training tips

Dog cages are treated by many people as a prison but that is not true. A dog cage is not to restrict movement of your pet dog, rather it is a place provided to for your pet to feel secure and safe. The design of dog cages to look like a dogs house will help change the thinking of people who are of the opinion that dog cages are for punishment purposes, where your dog is placed in order to confine their movement.

It has been establish from studies that pets feel safe when in their cage and are very comfortable. Dogs willingly spend time sleeping in a dog cage. It is advisable to train the pups in their early stage of life to use a dog cage so that they are comfortable using it as they become full grown.

A dog cage should never be misused for punishment when your pet dog is behaving badly, since your dog will get ill-feeling for their dog cage and will be unwilling to get in to it. A dog invariably will get a resentment to remain in the cage.

Locking a dog in a cage for punishment will make them a lot more aggressive, they will not listen to you, and will not follow your commands. A dog is a sensitive creature and for dog cage training it is far better to produce a opinion that dog cages are safe places to be. The idea behind employing the cage for your dog is to make them feel comfortable.

When your pet is comfortable remaining in its dog cage it will be much easier to take him from one place to another. One of the most important reasons for developing a good attitude for their dog cage is this too. But before you provide training to your pet to stay in the cage, it is necessary to get the cage prepared with a few things that will add to the comfort of your pet dog.

One of the things you need to do is add some blankets to provide a softer base on the floor of the cage for your pet to rest on. Next is to provide some water so that your pet can drink when necessary. Furthermore, place some playthings for him to play with. Therefore the size of the cage needs to be such that all these items can be fitted in it as these things will make your pet feel that it is in safe place and cage is not a jail.

Initially keep the door of the cage open, but in time slowly keep the door closed for a short time. Once your dog finds the place safe should bit by bit increase the time for keeping door of the dog cage closed. The main intent of dog cage training is to make your pet dog feel safe in it instead of using the cage for punishment.

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