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Dog paper training tips

Most households have dogs because these animals make great companions. Some people though would think twice about taking one for a pet. A pet after all would be a big responsibility. Similar to a baby, a dog has to be supervised to be kept out of trouble.

One of the concerns of pet parents is potty training. Training the dog to go potty in the right place is not the responsibility of a breeder. Training the dog to go potty in the designated area should not be a problem as an owner can choose from several training techniques. One of these methods is paper training.

Pet owners that live in high rise buildings or busy owners that leave the pet at home all day opt to paper train the dog. Select a room with an easy to clean floor to be the dog's bathroom if you have chosen to use the paper training technique. Use a bathroom or any room with an easy to clean floor to be the training area. This room has to have the bed, the toys as well as the feeding bowls of the pet. About one fourth of the floor area must be covered with old newspapers. The bed of the dog must be placed several feet away from the area covered with newspapers as dogs would not eliminate near the place where they sleep.

An untrained dog would naturally eliminate all over the room thus it has to be constantly monitored during the early part of the training. While staying inside the room to supervise the activities of the dog, you can play and bond with the pet. A dog that is about to do its business will scratch and sniff the floor and turn around in circles. Immediately scoop the dog and take him to the newspaper pile. After the dog has eliminated on the designated place, praise the pet. Dogs want to please their owners and the praise will encourage the dog to eliminate in the same spot again. You will clean the mess but be sure not to remove all the soiled paper so that a bit of the smell of the feces and urine will remain. Dogs will be encouraged to eliminate in the spot where they can smell their excrement.

This sound so easy but actually it is not. The dog has to be supervised until it is fully trained.

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Friday, 22 September 2023

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