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Dog training collars

New developments in dog training collars give dog owners more options than they had in the past. Choker chains used to be the standard dog training collar. Now, there are dog training collars specially designed for different training needs.

Some new dog training collars are more effective than others. One type of dog training collar sprays citronella in the dog's face when the dog owner presses a button on a remote control.

Since citronella is aversive to dogs, the dog stops its behavior. The citronella collars are sometimes used to stop dog barking. Unfortunately, dogs can become desensitized to citronella and require citronella for the same effect. Dog owners may spray the dog too much which could be considered abusive.

Shock collars had the same problem. The other is may need to increase the intensity of the shock to a level that is unsafe or abusive.

Specific types of training can benefit from the use of dog collars designed especially for that type of training. Some dog training collars are made to be used to teach sporting dogs and communicate with them over considerable distance. The dog training collars for sporting dogs are electronic and operated by a remote control that the dog owner can use to give signals to the dog.

Stopping dog barking is a challenge for many dog owners. Some collars are designed specifically to help the dog owner correct this problem. Many designs of collars need to stop a dog from barking are automatically activated when the dog barks and delivers a shock.

A few dog training collar designs are used to meet a dog's specific needs. Training deaf dogs can be a challenge which can be made easier with the use of a vibrating collar.

Vibrating collars are used to get the attention of a deaf dog. The dog owner trains of dog to look at the dog owner when the collar vibrates. Once the dog owner has the dog's attention, the dog owner can use hand signals to give commands to the dog.

For dogs that are resistant to training, some people still use choker chains. Pinch collars are also use. Pinch collars are similar to choker chains except the inside of the collar has prongs which squeeze the dog's neck.

These types of collars can be an effective or even dangerous if the dog owner does not know the correct way to use them. They are often only used as a last resort.

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