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Dog training - The facts on separation anxiety and dog aggression

Dogs are man's best friend for a reason. They deserve that title. Dogs are indeed man and woman best friend because of their loyalty and their dedication to their owners. Dogs can also be very helpful when it comes to release stress. It has been proved that dogs can help release stress and lower blood pressure. Some people who are fortunate enough to be able to take their dogs to work swear by this. Dogs can also be a lot of fun. There is nothing more enjoyable than playing with a young puppy, or playing hide and seek with your older dog. Unfortunately, not everything is color pink, dogs can also be destructive beings.

Dog owners believe that the reason why their beloved dogs misbehave is because they are left alone, and the dogs want to pay back their owners for been left alone. This could not be farther from the truth, reality is that dogs misbehave and becomes destructive out of boredom. Dogs have a lot of energy, and when this energy does not get burn, they have to do something about it. The reason, why dogs get to misbehave at home is because they are bored out of their minds, and they are craving activity and exercise.

Given the fact that dogs will have the tendency to misbehaved if left alone or if not given the proper amount of exercise, the owner needs to understand that dogs need to have plenty of activity. In the unfortunate situation when the owner ignores the dogs call for more activity and ignores the signs of boredom on the dog, the dog might turn into aggression toward other dogs, or toward human. The dog can also develop anxiety.

Dogs that are aggressive do not necessary want to harm, sometimes they act aggressive because they are fearful. Other times dogs can show signs of aggression because they might have hormonal imbalances or other medical problems or are in pain. Dog behavior experts consider aggression as intent to harm. You can tell when a dog is acting aggressive just by looking at it. The dog will bark excessively, howl and growl. He might even show you his teeth. In a dog that aggression is not controlled this behavior could lead the dog to harm somebody.

On the other side, another issue with dogs that can be very detrimental to the dog-owner relationship is anxiety. Anxiety in dogs can be a very difficult condition to treat. Many dogs these days suffer from separation anxiety. An owner knows when a dog suffer from separation anxiety when the dog, cause destruction to the house, including damage to the furniture, the rugs and even the walls.

Keep in mind that dogs longed for affection and care and their destructive nature should not be construed as revenge instead it is only their way of telling their extreme disapproval of being left alone. Moreover, anxiety in dogs can also be brought upon by other circumstances. There are some dogs which may repulsively reacts when there are too many people around and although when they are trapped in such kind of condition, they have the tendency to run away, there are also some who would act unpleasantly. Another reason of anxiety in dogs is the presence of loud noises.

Dog anxiety and dog aggression are two common problems that dog owners frequently have to deal with, and which are difficult to manage once they have started. Often times these two problems worsen instead of getting better.

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