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Fast and easy leash training for your dog

One of the great joys of having a dog is being able to go for a walk. A dog that is appropriately leash trained makes a walk relaxing and enjoyable but if your dog is not leash trained that same walk becomes an exercise in annoyance and it can even be dangerous.

Puppies need to start training for the leash when they are very young. If you start early they will learn it quickly and it will be much easier. To begin training your puppy, make sure you start by getting him used to the collar. He won't like it at first and he might whine and complain but make sure that you have him wear it until he gets used to it. The only time you really need to take it off is when you crate him so there will not be any mishaps.

After your puppy has grown used to the collar you can start preparing him for the leash. Attach it to the collar and just let him drag drag it around the house. Make sure that you are there to watch over him as he could cause some chaos if the leash gets tangled with anything. Pretty soon you can take the leash and start walking around in the house with him. It may seem strange to walk your puppy around in the house but you will have success sooner if you start out in a place where he is comfortable and as far as that goes there is no place like home.

You can then take him around in the yard. Make sure as you are walking that you reinforce the good behaviors and discourage the bad behaviors.

Puppies will frequently pull at the leash. When he starts pulling the leash just stop moving and stand still. If you stop every time he pulls he will quickly learn not to pull anymore. Give him commands and communicate during this time also to encourage bonding and reinforce his training.

If he continues to pull you can also try turning around and walking quickly the other way. This will confuse him but he will soon know that if he wants to go anywhere that he cannot be pulling on the leash. Repeat these techniques until he learns that pulling on the leash is undesirable.

Sometimes a puppy will stop himself and not walk with you. In this case you can bribe him with treats as an encouragement. Don't call him to you and give him the treat but rather put the treat by your feet and make him come to you. Soon he will learn that stopping is not acceptable.

Very soon your dog will be obediently walking next to you with a slack leash. This is the behavior you wanted so make sure that he gets ample attention and praise when he does it so you can reinforce the good behavior. Never let your puppy get away with bad behavior and soon you will be enjoying walks with him.

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