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How to bathroom train your dog the easy way

Your desire to have your own puppy is to enrich your household through your rewarding experiences with your pet. However, you know that there will be obstacles to this objective. One important wake up call to this situation is when your pet starts to create a mess inside your house and in your daily schedule.

Yet you also perfectly know that the answer to this impending probability is dog training. Having a pet with very good manners and exceptional behavior involves many facets. It also entails varied actions and reactions that your pet will eventually exhibit. Overall, one of the very first things you must aim for your dog is potty training.

Potty training is not as daunting and stressful as you probably perceive it to be. There are even plenty of dog owners who opted to do their dog's training on their own. There could be a number of methods you could utilize for this and most of them are probably as effective as the other. But the basic idea is the same, teaching your willing student the concept of right and wrong.

With potty training, time is of the essence. The longer you delay the training, the higher the probability that your dog has started forming a habit of its own. Always remember that one of the basics of dog training is consistency which leads to the formation of the habit. This is one of the important things that your dog could understand.

The first step in potty training is to designate a spot for this. If possible, the floor must be easy to clean so that you could breeze through with the clean up in cases your pet misses the spot. Put layers of newspaper or cardboard over the designated area. When it is time for your pet to go to the bathroom, guide it on top of the layers of newspapers.

While your dog is at it, lavish the praise and the love. This is the only best time to do this. A delayed praise might not be connected with the action and your dog will not learn. When you clean up the newspapers, always retain one slightly-soiled piece to put on top of the new pile. The dog would connect the layers of newspapers with the action of going to the bathroom.

As your dog slowly learn that this is the only spot for a bathroom, slowly shrink the size of the coverage area. If it misses the mark and messes the uncovered area, expand your newspaper cover again. Repeat with shrinking the spot in a gradual manner until your dog perfects the bathroom concept.

When the covered area is as small as your dog's mess, you can now move on to the next step. It is either to purchase the indoor toilet or it is now time to transfer the bathroom towards the door for the house training step. Your dog could now understand where to go for its bathroom activities.

Always remember though the one important rule in dog training is the proper formation of your pet's habit. This entails time and endless duplication of the required action to achieve the desired outcome. Yet your patience and determination will be properly rewarded as you could enjoy your pet without the unpleasant mess.

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