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Positive dog training produces faster results

If you have ever trained a dog before you know that there are certain things that you should remember. First you need to know that using positive dog training techniques is normally the best way to go. To accomplish this you should always reward your dog for good behavior instead of punishing them from bad behavior.

That does not mean that you should never scold your dog. While this training method needs a positive manner, there are some times where you must be stern. Just do not scold your dog too much, because you will get a better response for positive reinforcement. It is an important thing to realize when you should praise your dog.

Give your dog a little treat any time he does what he is supposed to. Whether he stays when you tell him to, relieves himself in the correct manner, or follows any other command, be sure to praise him with a reward!

You can reward your do in many different ways- treats, rubbing his belly, patting on the head or praises and kind words.

Your dog really wants to know that he is making you happy, and this is why a positive dog training approach is most effective. However, don't keep on giving him treats when he doesn't listen to what you say.

Unless it is absolutely necessary, scolding should not be used. Events which may require reprimanding include jumping, barking, growling, pulling at the leash, destruction, or accidents.

Something that you will need to remember is that if you don't catch him doing something, you mustn't scold him for it. If you do, he will have no idea why he is getting into trouble. The dog will get your point with a short yet sharp "no!" or "bad dog!"

Let him know by the tone of your voice that you are displeased, and be quick to respond if your dog has disobeyed you. Don't go overboard with the reprimands, though, because after a while your dog will just stop paying attention to them. You should not hit him under any circumstances. If you do hit your dog, you are just setting yourself up for trouble.

Keep in mind that your dog is a beginner and that he is really trying hard. This will give you some perspective on when to scold and when to praise. Be loving and patient with your positive dog training regimen, and both of you will enjoy it as a fun and rewarding experience.

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Thursday, 05 October 2023

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