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Puppy obedience training made easy

It can be really hard in puppy obedience training when you have a puppy that barks and barks and you can't make him stop.

Your dog will usually respond to firm commands such as 'Stop', 'Quiet', of 'Shhh' and stop his barking, but occasionally he may just continue despite your commands.

It is still important to have patience and try to understand why your puppy is barking instead of just getting angry and punishing your little dog.

Dogs really like to bark, and may be barking just for the fun of it; if this is the case, you can train him to stop barking during leash training, simply by pulling on his leash each time he barks too much.

Remember that there are numerous other reasons why your puppy might continue to bark over and over again.

Consider this common reason for barking~ that your puppy may be trying to tell you about some pain or an ailment of his you can't see.

Consider also that your puppy may be frightened by a person or something in his environment and may need you to soothe his fears and possibly remove him from what is bothering him.

Maybe your puppy is barking because he is bored. Try taking some more time out of your day to take him for a walk or pet him.

If this isn't possible, provide your puppy with some new and interesting toys to play with while you are otherwise occupied. Sometimes puppies bark for attention.

Remember that if your puppy is barking, you yell at him for it, and he barks right back... he may think this is a fun game to play with you!

Instead, if you simply ignore his barking, after a while he will go quiet.

Keeping favorite treats on hand for your puppy, such as sausages or a favorite biscuit, will be great for rewarding your puppy once he stops his barking. This will help him to stop barking for longer periods of time.

Breeds such as German Shepherd and Alsatians need to have plenty of exercise from the very beginning of their puppy days and training.

It is important for these dogs to have plenty of physical activity in order to keep them healthy and happy.

If you have one of these breeds, it is so important that they are taken outdoors often to places where they can freely run and have plenty of space at home.

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