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Shih Tzu problem behaviors and the solutions

Making sure that you jump into action at the first sign of your dog displaying Shih Tzu problem behaviors is essential in maintaining your position of leader in the eyes of your dog. Allowing the behavior to continue can only cause more problems to arise and make for a hard time in retraining your Shih Tzu. Not only is it important to take action fast for reasons of retraining, but there are also safety issues at hand.

It is a matter of safety not only for your dog but also for the safety of you and those who come into contact with your dog.

At the first sign of your Shih Tzu having bad behavior, there is a chance that they will harm your personal belongings or even cause harm to other people around them. Not only does the damage left behind from an unruly Shih Tzu cause heartache, it can also cause damage that can not be fixed and lives can be disrupted by this behavior

It is important to diagnose possible Shih Tzu problem behaviors before they even arise. And although they may never come up, it is vital that you know a few of the problems that always seem to come up with Shih Tzus. While these problems appear on the surface to be innocent enough, if left alone, they can turn into so much more. One of the most talked about problems that owners have is that their Shih Tzu wants to always jump up onto company.

While a tiny Shih Tzu will not hurt you or I if they jump up onto us, they do hold enough strength in their little bodies to knock over a small child or even a baby. If you allow your Shih Tzu to jump onto you, then they will not understand why jumping on a baby is any different.

Have you ever seen a dog walk their owner? It happens all the time as more and more owners report that their tiny dog is dragging them all over town or the park. This often becomes a Shih Tzu problem behavior with inexperienced owners.

The dog that pulls or tugs at their leash is simply trying to walk you and you show you where to go. Remember, that dogs are pack animals and in their minds, there is one pack leader. If you are not taking that role, they will assume it and take control of you and your home.

Also, what do you think would happen to a dog that is tugging at their leash? If they break free they will more than likely take off into traffic or get lost in the park, never to be seen again. For your dog's safety and for the leadership title that should be held by you, it is extremely important that these bad behaviors are fixed quickly. Seek the help of dog training books or a professional as soon as possible if you find this difficult.

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