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Why crate training dogs can be helpful

It is necessary to realize that not everyone feels the same about crate training dogs, but everyone does agree a pet needs to feel safe and secure, no matter the situation, in their own home. That is why many owners have or are considering training their pet for the crate. It can help in countless ways for owners and depending upon the pet, sometimes the best option for both.

A popular reason to consider training is for house training the dog. It has been noted that the majority of dogs will not go to the bathroom where they sleep and using a crate helps to train the dog to hold their urine till they are free to go outside. The more you use the crate, the more in habit the dog gets of waiting and only going at the right place, helping to prevent accidents in the home.

A new puppy, exploring his new surroundings, can get into a lot of trouble as well as danger. Until the puppy is familiar with the house and trained about certain do's and don'ts in the home, a crate is often used. This ensures the safety of the puppy whenever you can't keep a close eye on him for whatever reason.

Separation anxiety is not only a kid thing; certain dogs can get this too. And, when you leave the home they go a bit crazy and end up tearing everything up, causing both of you a lot of stress and frustration. Training him to be in the crate when you are gone can help him feel a bit more secure and protect your home when you are away.

Crate TrainingSome dogs like to be alone more than others. When they want to relax or just "get away from it all" they usually have one place they go to, away from everyone. Having a crate available for them will give them the sense of refuge they need. Create a welcoming place for him, making it comfortable with what you know he likes.

If you have a pet that gets a bit excited when guests come or even visitors that are not pet-people or perhaps are just nervous around animals, a crate can be helpful. Having your pet trained to go into their kennel before a visitor arrives can allow your visitor to relax while in your home. And, this can also be a bit less stressful for your pet, especially if it is a stranger.

Sometimes a crate is only needed for travelling. Whether it is for a long car ride, plane trip, or trip to the local vet, a place where your dog can feel secure and relaxed is needed. New places, sights, and smells can stress a dog out and having his own place to "hide" in can help him feel calmer.

It is always a good idea to make the crate a welcoming place, not a prison for your dog. After he is trained, consider keeping the door open or removing it so that they can come and go as they please. Also, it is important that this is not a place where they go to be punished; otherwise they will hate it and fight against it. Make sure the pet is not locked inside for longer than six hours at a time to keep a happy pet. And remember, each dog is different and crate training can be difficult, it will take time and patience with some.

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