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Pet Parenting: Unexpected Costs of Owning a Dog

When becoming a dog parent, most people expect to spend money. Adoption fees, food, toys, and other necessities are a well-known cost of pet ownership. However, behind those well-known costs are additional expenses that some new pet parents don’t foresee. Keep reading to learn about the unexpected costs of owning a dog so you’ll be prepared for everything when you bring home the newest member of your family.

Pet Parenting: Unexpected Costs of Owning a Dog


Grooming Needs

Depending on the breed of dog you bring home, they may have high-maintenance grooming needs. While some dogs only need a quick bath in the sink or tub with occasional grooming, other breeds will require more frequent professional grooming. Research the grooming needs of the dog breed you’re considering before bringing them home, as this expense can quickly add up.

Housing Increases

Bringing a dog home can increase your housing costs. If you’re renting, your landlord may charge an additional monthly or annual fee for your pet. They may also request a larger security deposit, an extra cleaning fee, and supplemental insurance.

Homeowners can also expect an increase in homeowners’ insurance after bringing a dog home. If you choose a breed traditionally categorized as aggressive, you could be denied insurance altogether. Homeowners Associations may charge additional fees and have additional rules, such as requiring you to install a fence in your yard.

Training Classes

Obedience classes are a great way to understand your dog’s behavior, develop proper training techniques, and learn how to reward your pet properly, but they can also be costly. This isn’t a one-and-done expense either, although most pet parents treat it as such. Dogs need ongoing training, so whether you buy resources to teach them yourself or enroll them in professional classes, expect to spend money on this vital part of raising your dog.

Veterinary Emergencies

Most pet parents know that they’ll need to take their dog to the vet for occasional check-ups and expect this expense. However, something that no pet parent can plan for is a medical emergency. A sudden illness or accident requiring an emergency vet visit could cost thousands of dollars, especially if the situation requires surgery. Pet insurance is available to help with such emergencies, but that will be an additional monthly cost.

There are many unexpected costs of owning a dog. Consider grooming needs, housing increases, training classes, and potential veterinary emergencies before becoming a pet parent since these unexpected expenses can quickly add up. Financially prepare for these additional costs, and you’ll be the best pet parent before even bringing your dog home.

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