Pet adoption usually refers to the process of taking guardianship of and responsibility for a pet that a previous owner has abandoned or otherwise abdicated responsibility for. Common sources are:

  • Animal shelters, in the case of dogs also known as dog pounds
  • Rescue groups
  • Pets out of captivity without identification, and which remain unclaimed by any owner
  • Advertisements placed by individuals who are trying to find a new home for their pet
  • Pets that have been abused or neglected and have been confiscated from the offending owner
  • A fast growing source is online pet adoption through not-for-profit websites such as Public service sites such as these have searchable databases of pets, maintained by thousands of animals shelters, and are searchable by the public.
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Having a pet could give you more happiness than you can imagine. Pets love their owners unconditionally and stick with them no matter what. Anatole France once said, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Having a pet is like having a constant...
Shelter dogs - a great adoption!
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When you are looking for a new canine companion to share your home and heart, rescuing a shelter dog is great decision. No matter what type of dog you are looking for, you are almost guaranteed to find it in today’s over-crowded animal shelters. The sad fact is that...
A Step-By-Step Guide to Adopting A Pet
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If you have been thinking of getting a pet (or another pet), then you should consider adopting a dog. There are many misconceptions about dog adoption. The most prevalent is that dogs coming from shelters are unstable and will not be able to adjust living with...
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Search for your new best friend with the links above!
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If you're thinking about bringing a new canine home for your family, consider adopting one from a shelter. You'll find shelters are filled with dogs that would make ideal companions if given the chance. Some are there because they became lost and were unable to find their way home....
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Made the decision to get a dog for a pet? Well, that is one smart decision and you will be so glad that you made it - congratulations. A dog makes such an awesome companion and truly a fantastic pet. While your children are growing up, a...
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