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Puppy Love: Irresistible Reasons To Get a Dog

Many people welcome dogs into their home to have a companion, while others get dogs to teach their children responsibility. No matter why you’re thinking of getting a four-legged friend, you should know that it immediately becomes a part of your family and heart. If you can’t decide whether it’s the right decision for you and your household, consider these irresistible reasons to get a dog.


Their Presence Increases Human Oxytocin Levels

You may wonder why you feel so happy and light when a dog looks at you, but the real reason may surprise you. Believe it or not, dogs cause a hormonal reaction in humans that increases their oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is commonly called the happy hormone, and it’s the same one that helps new mothers bond with their babies.

With that in mind, a dog may improve your overall mental health and satisfy your need for connection or companionship. Although it’s not the same as having a child, dogs have a similar impact on the human brain.

Dogs Love Spending Time With You

It’s no secret that dogs love to play, but they enjoy spending time with their owners. Whether you’re hanging out at home together or taking a road trip, your pup likes being right by your side. Many dog owners opt to leave their furry friends behind when they go on vacation, but you can bring yours along when you know how to travel long distances with your dog.

Puppies Are Adorable

Their physical cuteness is one of the main reasons people enjoy having dogs as pets, and it’s not a bad reason. The puppy eyes, floppy ears, wagging tails, and cute noses are a few of the adorable characteristics to look forward to when you get a dog. There’s nothing better than cuddling with your pup because it’s soft, warm, and overall irresistible.

They Encourage You To Stay Active

Most dogs love to be active and get plenty of exercise; therefore, getting a pup of your own can encourage you to stay active. Believe it or not, dog owners are more likely to meet their exercise goal each day because of the additional time spent walking their four-legged friends. If you want to stay active, a dog may be the perfect pet for you.

Hopefully, these irresistible reasons to get a dog have convinced you that having a pup in your house is an incredible experience. There’s nothing wrong with being on the fence, as it’s a big decision; however, a dog may improve your overall health and make your life much more enjoyable.

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