You will find various articles here covering a range of topics relevant to the health and wellbeing of your favorite pet.  Many of these articles cover such topics as pet health insurance, dealing with the loss of a pet, introducing your new pet to others, and low cost pet supplies...

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10 Literary Dogs Who “Stole the Book”
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Any dog lover knows that canines are forever stealing the spotlight from actors on the big screen. Even an Oscar winner like Tom Hanks was no match for that big, drooling French Mastiff in Turner and Hooch! Literary dogs face a considerably bigger challenge. They must capture the hearts...
Traveling with your pet
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With warm weather on its way, more people will be traveling with their pets. Problems may occur but preparing in advance can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a ruined trip or vacation.
6 Pets your kids will love
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Introducing a pet into the family home can have a number of fantastic benefits for children. Not only will it help teach them about responsibilities, compassion and loyalty but they’ll also be given something that no kind of toy can provide – a living, breathing companion. These are just...
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What your furry companion leaves behind is a legacy of unconditional love. Deciding how to pay tribute to your pet’s life can be overwhelming. For those struggling with what to do comes an unmatched alternative that combines the respectable option of an urn with the accentuated beauty of an original,...
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Every dog owner will need few basic dog supplies such as food bowl, health products, collar etc. All this does cost money. But now you don't need to incur any further huge monthly expenses towards dog supplies. Here are some tips on how to find cheap dog supplies. ...
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More and more people are requiring that they be allowed to take their pets on board with them into the passenger cabin on airplanes. This is likely because many people like to treat their dog and cats as a part of the family and not as some...
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Are you the sort of dog owner who likes to take your companion with you wherever you go? If you are then you know that that there are times when you can do this, but there are also times when you can not, for whatever reason. On...
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