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Information about Chihuahuas

Due to limited living spaces many individuals choose to adopt Chihuahua dogs and make them their pet. These animals are the smallest breed of dog in the world, and many individuals assume they don't need much space to live. This is not true though, and this emphasizes why it is so important for individuals to gather lots of Chihuahua information and learn what to expect before bring a Chihuahua home.

One of the most important things for individuals to know before they bring Chihuahua dogs home is the fact that they need room and space to run and play. Even though they are small dogs that don't need as much space as a large dog such as a Labrador or German Shepard, they need to be allowed outside periodically where space is not an issue. This way they can get the exercise that they need while having fun outside playing.

Individuals who want a very personal dog that is highly interactive with them should consider a Chihuahua. This particular breed of dog likes being around people and hates when they are left alone. This is why many owners of Chihuahua dogs utilize the services of a daycare center for dogs when they are at work during the day.

Others choose to purchase an additional Chihuahua dog to prevent their original pet from becoming lonely while they are gone all day. This is a good option for individuals that may not be able to afford the cost of daycare for their dog. However the cost to care for an extra dog may be just as much as the cost of daycare.

If individuals decide to purchase two dogs they should do this when the dogs are young and before they become possessive. In addition, owners should also ensure all dogs are fixed when they are young since Chihuahuas are particularly vulnerable to attack when in heat.

Individuals should be aware that Chihuahuas dogs are very possessive and have a natural instinct to protect their owner even though most only weigh five to ten pounds. Not only will Chihuahua dogs bark at strangers or anyone posing a threat, but they will often bite or attack the individual. Even individuals living in the same house aren't always safe from the attack if the Chihuahua makes a strong, special bond with one individual.

This is why it is important for families to consider whether or not a Chihuahua is really the perfect pet for them if they have small children.

Chihuahua dogs can be a great pet for individuals and families to own due to many of the qualities they offer. However, Chihuahuas do have some drawbacks that can present problems for some individuals and families. This is why it is so important for individuals and families to do their homework before they bring one home to ensure they fully know what to expect from this particular breed of dog.

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