Misconceptions on the notorious American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT)

When people hear American Pit Bull Terrier, a lot of them picture an aggressive, vicious and human attacker 60 pounds of dog. This pejorative misconception leads to a bad reputation of this lovable and protective companion. However, the truth is, American Pit Bull Terriers are intelligent, loyal, and fun loving animals that only got a strayed reputation because of irresponsible owners.

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Introducing the American Bandogge Mastiff

The American Bandogge Mastiff is a wonderful dog full of life and wonderful to have as a guard dog and family pet!  The breeder who started this evolution of mastiffs is John Swinford and then another one also assisted in getting this breed going, and his name is Joe Lucero.Of course, there are several different varieties in the breed, such as cross breeding an English mastiff with the American pit bull. The closer to the original initial breed is the most stable. This particular breed is well known for its muscular and athletic look. Naturally, he inherits that from his pitbull bloodline. There is also a variety of color patterns that you may notice within this brilliant breed. Some of the colors may consist of tawny, blue, black, and red. However, for the most part, this dog is black brindle.

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Mastiff dogs rule

The Mastiff dog has a long history; these dogs have been domesticated for more than two thousand years. The Romans bred the ancestors of modern Mastiff dog breeds for use as guard dogs and hunting dogs and in brought these dogs to the British Isles in the 6th century when they conquered Britain. These dogs, already favorites with the Romans (including Julius Caesar, by many accounts) quickly became popular in Britain as well and became the ancestors of the modern English Mastiff. Mastiffs also were part of the war party when Hannibal crossed the Alps and were a favorite of the Kublai Khan, who kept a kennel of thousands of the dogs.

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Eskimo puppies make good pets

The American Eskimo Dog is oftentimes called a Spitz in the U.S.. The American Eskimo Dog is an enjoying, alert, strong, highly intelligent, friendly, and curious companion. She makes an excellent protective dog however is controlled to be not threatening or aggressive. It has a cream straight outer coat, with a dense undercoat. There is a lion-mane feature as the coat is longer and thicker around the chest and neck and has a strong tail carried on the back. You would not see any blue eyes in this breed as it is considered a defect or a problem of ill health.

She will set well in any household as long as she can get frequent long walks. She was carefully bred to be a house dog and they need plenty of family attention. She is excellent with children but of course, never leave very young children alone with any dog for any length of time without adult care. The Spitz relates to a group of breeds and not just an individual breed.

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Wonderful dogs for city living

I'll never give up my life in the city. At the same time, I'll never go against the advice of those who say that dogs don't belong in cities. I simply love them too much and couldn't imagine life without one.

When it comes to owning a dog in a city apartment, some challenges definitely arise. You're forced to walk your dog regularly, as there's no area outside for your pet to freely roam around in. The bathroom becomes an issue as well.

Because of the limitations that you'll find in cities, some dogs simply adapt to the settings more effectively than others. I'm going to share a few great dogs that may very well love life in the big city.

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Dog bath, brushing and clipping, oh my!

Did you know you could get your dog to adore its baths, brushing and clippings? Puppies need to get accustomed to their grooming; beginning early while still young is the best time for puppies. This will aid in preventing any grooming issues in the future as the dog ages.
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