How to train your Golden Retriever puppy

Golden Retriever puppies are one of the most popular choices of dog breeds among people who are looking for a family pet. One of the reasons for this is that they are not only very attractive, but they are also one of the easiest dogs to train because they are so intelligent. Training your new Golden Retriever puppy from an early age will help to keep your dog safe and make sure that he or she fits in with the family properly allowing you to build a lasting bond with your new puppy. Let's take a look at how to go about training a golden retriever puppy.

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Train Your Dog Easier with Right Motivation

Anyone who has ever tried to train an animal knows how difficult it can be: all they want to do is play, eat, and sleep, and getting them to learn new tricks and be obedient can be a real challenge. Still, it’s not an impossible task if you learn and use a couple of useful tricks. By motivating your dog, you will get them to learn tricks and commands much easier and quicker. Giving them a good reason to do something is the best way to go, and we’re giving you the best motivation so you can train them more easily. See what works best for your dog and use this method to teach them new tricks.

Motivating with food

Is there a dog that doesn’t like treats? There probably is, but most dogs will be looking at you while you are eating and run like crazy from another part of the house when they hear the rustle of a bag of chips. Why not use their love of treats as a motivation for learning? Get a bag of treats and spend an hour teaching tricks. Don’t do it for too long, no matter how delicious the food is, they’ll lose motivation after a while, and you will be tired, too. When you see that their concentration is weakening, make a pause and resume the training in the afternoon or the next day.

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How to Deal with Houdini Escape Artist Dog Breeds

We love our dogs but there are certain issues that can drive any sane dog owner up the wall. Things like chewing, drooling, jumping and clawing can all be annoying, but there’s one thing that’s even worse. That thing is when your Houdini dog chronically escapes from their crate or yard.

Having one of these canines can be a real pain. Coming home from work and seeing their cage door or the gate wide open can cause some real stress not knowing where they are or if they are ok.

Thankfully, there are a few preventative measures that you can take to help stop them from escaping and potentially putting themselves in danger.

Use a Strong Dog Crate

This should be the first step to preventing them from getting out. A plastic or wire cage just won’t cut it here. If you have a true Houdini dog, you want something with tough, 20-gauge steel with bars they can’t bend. View some examples here to get an idea of what is needed to contain the stronger breeds like Pit bulls.

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House training a dog

House training, house breaking, potty training or toilet training refers to teaching the dog when and where to go to the bathroom or to the designated toilet area. In spite of the fact that dogs are well loved by all the members of the family, no one would want to clean the mess that the dog leaves everywhere. House training, just like any other form of dog training can be as easy or as difficult as you can make it. The success of teaching the dog to do its business on the designated area largely depends on you more than on the dog.

House breaking the puppy is not the responsibility of the breeder. This task that will fall on your shoulders is best started while the dog is still a puppy. Any person that have had the opportunity of living in a home with dog will notice that these animals form habits.

Dogs that have soiled a particular area will return to the same place over and over again to defecate or urinate. It would be your responsibility to guide the dog so that the habit that will be formed is to relieve itself in the designated area. This can be rather difficult especially if you do not have the time to supervise the dog at all times. The good news is that dogs generally take about a week to establish a routine.

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Teaching the dog to come when called

One of the benefits of obedience training is enhancing the bond between master and pet. Obedience trainings turn dogs into well behaved individuals. Without a doubt, an owner would brag about the pet's ability to do tricks. An owner can control the dog's behavior with obedience training. One of the important basic obedience trainings is teaching the dog to come when called as this can save the pet from a potentially dangerous situation. The reason why many dogs were not saved from potentially dangerous situations is because the dogs were not trained to come when called.

It is very important for leashed dogs or those that are kept on a crate to be trained to come when called. Dogs are energetic animals that would love nothing more than to jump run and play. Thus when a leashed or crated dog breaks its confinement, it would be gloriously happy. The dog would surely be very hard to catch especially if it was not trained to obey the come command. This scenario often ends up with the dog injured.

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In home dog training checklist

Have you ever gone home to see your puppy make your whole living room his personal fire hydrant? How about leaving for work trying to cover the freshly gnawed side of your shoe? Do you have friends who took rabies shots before deciding to ever visit you again? If this is you then it might be time to call in dog training experts into your abode.

There are a number of pet owners who want to train their own pets. Unfortunately, due to lack of know-how and time, they dont get around doing much about this. If this is you, do not fret; in home dog training is an excellent alternative way to watch your dogs progress in the privacy in your own home. Sounds good? Well, before you call up that dog trainer, there are a few things you might want to ask first.

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How to Handle Pet Training and its Importance

Pet training is really important since you, as the owner, are able to control the things that your pet should do and teach him or her about discipline and obedience. It is a given that there are times that pets are really difficult to tame, especially when someone just handed a pet to you as a gift. You will have a hard time making him understand the things that should be done since he has grown up in a different environment before he was handed over to you.

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