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Cat bed training - What are the steps needed?

Some individuals are pleased with their cats to fall asleep on their beds, sofas, ironing pile or even the laundry basket and as long you do not mind collecting all the hair there is no concern.

Others may be worried about fleas and tick being moved to mattresses. They feel that respiration troubles may be worsened at night with pet cats having a good sleep in the same place as you.

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Cat scratching post - train your cat's scratching

Have you ever wonder why a cat has to scratches everything in sight? Your cat is sharpening claws and ridding the outer layer of old claw for one reason. After a cat has been declawed, they could continue to go though the motion of clawing. On the paw pad are scent glands, that will rub off the scent as they claw or scratch on an item. Once a cat does claw or scratch on the item other cats will come to smell the scent left and can have the tendency to scratch the same item that have their scent on. When you find the couch or other item scratched or clawed, this is when the cat is exercising.

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Adventure Kitty: Top Tips for Traveling With Your Cat

Traveling with your cat is a great way to let them interact with new sights, smells, and surroundings. However, the top priority should always be their safety and comfort; if you’re going to travel with your cat, you need to do it right. Here are our top tips for your adventure kitty.

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How to train your cat to respond to it's name

Cats are very smart animals, but they aren't born that way. Most pets will respond to any name that is thrown at them, but if you train them right they will only respond to their name. You may be wondering why you would want your cat to respond to her name when “kitty kitty” may work just fine.  Well, “kitty kitty” can work if your cat already knows to respond to it.

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How to calm down your kitten

There is nothing more innocent and peaceful looking than a fluffy little kitten. You just can't help it you have to be the tiny little bundle of joy home with you. Something must have happened, somehow the sweet little creature that you picked out has been swapped out with the kitten that nightmares are made of.

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Cat trees

If you are sick of your cat crawling along your furniture and leaving tufts of fur all over the place, you may need to invest in cat trees. Cat trees are usually multi-level platforms that cats can climb on or play on. Generally, they are made of wood and other sturdy materials and are covered in heavy-duty carpet. Some have portions wrapped in sisal rope, to act as scratching posts as well as cat trees to climb and perch on.

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