The domestic dog's health is possibly one of the best-studied areas in veterinary medicine, since the dog has had such a long and close relationship with humans. Infectious diseases are prevalent in dogs and are important not just from a veterinary standpoint but also because of the risk to public health. The most wellknown example of this is rabies. Genetic diseases are common in dogs due to the selective breeding necessary to produce individual dog breeds. Due to the popularity of both commercial and homemade dog foods, nutrition is also a heavily studied subject.

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At first glance, puppies appear to be never-ending bundles of energy, so you would think exercising them would be straightforward. Actually, their little bodies are fragile and fatigue quickly, so it is easy to overdo it. Furthermore, before your puppy has completed his or her vaccination cycle (normally around...
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Have you ever felt a dog's nose? They are wet and cold. But, why? As a vet, I hear this question often, especially from novice pet parents who are sometimes afraid that something may be wrong with their furry companion. Today you'll learn why dog noses are wet and...
How to deal with separation anxiety in dogs
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Humans see a lot of themselves in dogs—that’s why these pets always fascinate us. One trait that we seemingly share in common with them is anxiety. When we see our dogs distracted and fidgety, or when we hear them whining and whimpering, we know that something is bothering them....
5 Best Pet-Friendly Flooring Options for Your Dog
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So, you finally got a dog, congratulations, you have made one of the best decisions in your life! Bringing a puppy into your family is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world, and just imagine the look on your kids’ faces when they finally see the little...
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Dogs are great companions. They’re by your side for all of life’s little moments -- their head buried in your lap while you watch tv, their excited yelp from the back seat of the car when they realize you’re almost at the dog park. But dogs are only able...
Finding the perfect Halloween treat!
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Murphy's review of the Planet Dog Orbee-tuff balls! We received our Planet Dog “Halloween” special dog toys over the weekend and boy Murphy was not disappointed!  The balls are well made and have a wonderful bounce and spring when thrown in the air or directly on...
Things Every Pet Owner Should Know about Heartworms in Dogs
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Heartworm disease in dogs is very dangerous and is often overlooked. This condition starts with a simple mosquito bite and requires a long and expensive treatment. In some cases, this disease, unfortunately, ends in death. So, if you want to protect your pooch from this parasite, here are some...
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