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In Transition: Keep Your Dog Safe After Moving

Moving is a time of transition for the whole family, but it’s easy to forget that our furry friends need special attention during this chaotic time. Dogs are territorial. When they find themselves in a new and strange environment, it can cause them stress. All of this can be avoided by taking a few precautions during and after the move.

There is much to be done after moving day. The new house is probably filled with scattered boxes, new furniture, and a whole lot of chaos. This can cause anxiety in dogs, which can lead to bad behavior, disorientation, and the urge to run away. Keeping your dog safe and secure in his new home is key to a successful transition. If you have a very nervous dog or are especially concerned about their safety on moving day, look into hiring a pet sitter to keep a watchful eye on your pooch so you know they’re safe and sound in the midst of everything.

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