A dog collar is a is a piece of material put around the neck of a dog. A collar might be used for control, identification, fashion, or other purposes. Identification tags and medical information is often placed on dog collars. Collars are also useful for controlling a dog manually, as they provide a handle for grabbing. Collars are often used in conjunction with a leash, and a common alternative to a dog collar is a dog harness. Dog collars are the most common form of directing and teaching dogs. Like anything, misuse may cause injuries, or in the worst cases, death.

Other items include pet collars, beds, leashes, and carriers for small dogs, cats, and rabbits that are available in numerous stores. Many pet speciality stores offer a termendous variety of clothes and accessories for your pet.

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My dog bed adventure
Joseph SmithJoseph Smith   2507   0   0   0   0   0
When I got my first dog, I thought getting all his gear would be simple and straight forward; dog bed, grooming kit, food, lead, collar, you know, the usual stuff. But unfortunately it didn't turn out this way. In fact, it was much more complicated. I guess like everything...
Halloween dog costumes
Kelly PerryKelly Perry   5140   0   0   0   0   0
Your pet dog is an integral part of your family and as Halloween is knocking at the door, you can make your dog feel special by dressing him up on this occasion. You can either make a full costume or just the headpiece of the costume...
Dog harnesses vs dog collars?
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There always seems to be a question of which tool is best for walking, training, etc. As a dog owner, you may be wondering whether the dog collar or dog harness is best. They both have benefits, but which one is the superior of the two? There are...
Breed specific dog collars
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Dog collars can be customized to fit your specific style or need. One fun way to show off your dog is to invest in a breed specific dog collar. Breed specific dog collars can bring a lot of attention to the owners as well, which can especially be nice for...
The all new fashion fads - Dog clothing
David E. BroadheadDavid E. Broadhead   3976   0   0   0   0   0
So, you thought that this was only you who could stock different clothing items in your wardrobe? Well, not really! Your pet too has many options to choose from in dog clothing. From modern jackets to chic sweat suits, your pet has heaps of options to...
Finding the perfect personalized dog collar
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One thing is for sure, you will be able to find just the right personalized dog collar for your dog, as they come in so many different shapes, sizes, and designs. You will find that having a beautiful personalized dog...
Locating the perfect designer dog bed
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Diamond accessories. Fine lamb's wool sweaters. Gucci pet carriers. In recent years many stylish products have hit the pet supplies marketplace, and designer dog beds are just one of the many fabulous accouterments available to discerning dog owners, and their dogs. Designer dog beds are not only fashionable for your...
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