Training school is a necessity for everyone who gets a new puppy. Habits that they develop at a young age will stick with them for the rest of their lives. This includes both the positive and the bad. While it is possible to teach an older dog, it is more difficult for them to unlearn bad habits than it is to learn positive ones at a young age. But if you don't choose the right course for your pet, you might end up in a situation that is worse than before.

If your dog is at least twelve weeks old, she is old enough to enroll in a class. The earlier you can start the better you'll be. You do however, want to make sure that all of the necessary vaccinations are in place before exposing your pet to others. So the first step is to get a clean bill of health.


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More and more dog owners are becoming aware of the need to train their dogs. Essentially, it is best to begin training a dog in its early years during puppy hood. However, you can train older dogs. Regardless of the age of the dog, you will need to be patient and persistent with your dog training routine. Dogs are much like people in some ways, they feel more comfortable and at ease, if they have a regular routine and they know what to do and expect from their routine. If you do not set up a routine, it can leave  your dog puzzled about what to do and what you expect it to do.

Many owners never realize that their dog is actually training them. Often different breeds have different personality traits and training abilities. The personality traits that distinguish the breed chosen may be available in resources or through the proper research. Often owners find that the individual personality of their pet is a dominant factor and many owners must adhere to some restraints set by their pet. All dogs have a different way of letting their owner know when an action or request is beyond their understanding. The owner’s task is to observe very closely and seek a training method that is best for both themselves and the dog.

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It is necessary to realize that not everyone feels the same about crate training dogs, but everyone does agree a pet needs to feel safe and secure, no matter the situation, in their own home. That is why many owners have or are considering training their pet for the crate. It can help in countless ways for owners and depending upon the pet, sometimes the best option for both.

A popular reason to consider training is for house training the dog. It has been noted that the majority of dogs will not go to the bathroom where they sleep and using a crate helps to train the dog to hold their urine till they are free to go outside. The more you use the crate, the more in habit the dog gets of waiting and only going at the right place, helping to prevent accidents in the home.

A new puppy, exploring his new surroundings, can get into a lot of trouble as well as danger. Until the puppy is familiar with the house and trained about certain do's and don'ts in the home, a crate is often used. This ensures the safety of the puppy whenever you can't keep a close eye on him for whatever reason.

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One of the common topics that dog owners face is how to stop dog biting. There are many reasons why a dog would bite a human being or another animal. It might do so due to the fact that it scared and it is just acting out in self defense. Some canines want to display dominance and they bite to show their aggression.

A lot of dogs engage in what we call "play-biting" and the dogs are only trying to shower affection. Dog biting can inflict great pain to the other party, be it a dog or a human being, and you as the dog owner has to stop this behavior problem. Here are three tips that you may utilize to prevent dog biting.

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If you're tired of your puppy biting, this is for you. When I talk about puppy biting, I don't mean the normal, playful biting and chewing that all puppies do.

What I am referring to is puppy biting that is way beyond the usual. Before we talk about what you can do to stop it, it's important to understand why puppies bite in the first place.

Dogs use their mouths the way we use our hands and feet, to explore their environment, from their surroundings to their siblings to people. So while a some mouthing or nipping is usual, you have to determine what is acceptable to you to prevent undesirable results from it.

One of the key reasons dog lack the bite inhibition that comes naturally to them is because they are removed too soon from the litter. When puppies play together, they bite and nip at each other.

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When you have a dog, it is important to practice correct dog training. An untrained dog can be dangerous, and if you don't take the time to train them, you put people and other animals in the line of danger. There are so many easy ways to train your dog that there is no excuse not to. Read the tips below to find out some great ways to train your dog.

The simplest way to participate in dog training is to start with ten minutes a day. Give your dog undivided attention for ten minutes; get down on their level with them. For this time, start by playing for a little bit to burn some energy, and then go into what you need to start working on. Don't take this past ten minutes, you don't want to lose their attention, and that is about all they can focus on with you for.

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