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Positive dog training produces faster results

If you have ever trained a dog before you know that there are certain things that you should remember. First you need to know that using positive dog training techniques is normally the best way to go. To accomplish this you should always reward your dog for good behavior instead of punishing them from bad behavior.

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Teaching a dog to stay is crucial for his safety

We as humans have a unique bond with our dogs and it's our duty to make sure we keep them as safe as possible. In order to accomplish this, we need to train the dog properly and teaching a dog to stay is a critical part of this training as it could keep your dog from running headlong into a dangerous situation.

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Training a dog for children keeps them both safe

If you have kids and want to adopt a dog, then training a dog for children is something you need to think about. There are a lot of families out there who have had an event happen between a dog and child that now causes tension and uneasiness. Children and dogs are not always compatible together. Certain dogs may not be comfortable around children or may not be trained properly at all, causing safety issues. Anyone who has children and has thought about adopting a dog has probably raised the concern as to whether or not that would be best, or if its better to forget the idea.

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Why learning how to stop dog jumping activity is critical

It happened again; you walk into a house and are rudely assaulted by four paws and a tongue! Most dogs prefer to greet people this way, and many believe these dogs are just trying to make friends, but jumping up on people is a dangerous habit for your pet to develop. A big dog that is allowed to jump up on guests can be scary and intimidating, and an unfortunate incident may be the result of your pet's misbehavior which is why learning how to stop dog jumping behavior is critical for the safety of your family, friend, neighbors and, even your dog.

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Postive dog training - when to reward and when to scold

When using a positive dog training approach, one must be sure to keep in mind that this type of training is based on rewarding your dog for good behavior. That does not mean that you should never scold your dog. While this training method needs a positive manner, there are some times where you must be stern. Just do not scold your dog too much, because you will get a better response for positive reinforcement. It is an important thing to realize when you should praise your dog.

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Small dog training techniques

One of the most effective dog training techniques for smaller dogs is reward training. Because choke collars and other aggressive forms of training are ineffective with small breeds like Poodles, Pugs and the Pomeranian due to their small physical stature, reward training has been commonly used as an alternative.

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