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We recently adopted a 5-month-old Blue Heeler mix. We don't have much info on her past, but it seems like she was poorly trained and both spoiled and ignored at her previous home. She's too smart for her own good and very mellow, but she has some bad habits and struggles with attachment issues. We've jumped right in to crate training her but are beginning to realized that we've moved way too fast. She's torn up a blanket and her crate pad the few times we've left her alone for 2-3 hours, and today she somehow managed to move her crate halfway across the room. It seems like a bit of situational separation anxiety. That said, we plan to move back to square one and begin a proper weekend training plan on Friday. BUT we must be away from the house for 7 hours tomorrow, with a short potty break around 4 hours in. What should we do to leave her safely and avoid major stress for the people and the dog alike?
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Wow ... this is tough because you're asking what you can do in one day for your dog. As you have found out you really can't train them in a day. If you're going to be gone that long you should try and see if you can get her boarded at a day camp. You should be able to find some in your town. Many will offer a "free day" so that they can get to know your dog so you could take advantage of that. Of course your dog will need to be up-2-date on all her shots.

You're on the right track to look at crate training. It is tough and it sounds like you're off to a tough start. There is a training group (we have nothing to do with them) call BarkBusters that will come out to your house and do custom training but they are expensive.

A dog sitter or walker is another option for you (maybe even tomorrow if you have time to call someone). Otherwise you're just going to have to use the crate again. I've heard about leaving music on or the tv to provide a noise in the house so they don't feel so alone. Also you can get the "Kong" brand toys that really can't be shredded and fill it with peanut butter or freeze it. They will keep her entertained for a while.

Good luck with your girl. You sound like parents that really care and want to do the right thing! Good for you! We need more pet owners like that.

Molly the Wonder Dog!


I agree with Molly. If you have to leave her caged up all day tomorrow then you should see if you can get a KONG or other toy for her. Also who ever is coming to take her out should run her or take a walk to release some energy. That would probably help a lot also.

Good luck!

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