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Hi everyone! I got a new dog, her name is Zoey, she's very clumsy.. however I noticed one day that she kept on scratching her ears.. then it caused her to have a small wounds that turn to bigger wounds coz we can't stop her from scratching in.. So i tried to read some article and I discover this thinggy called e-collar so we can prevent her from scratching her open wounds, however as you can see on my profile picture thats kinda big for her. When I checked the wound this morning it already has PUS. She's not letting us to touch her wound, so I can't clean it nor put cream on it. I am not that rich, so at the moment I cannot afford to go to a vet, that will need a lot of money just for consultation. :'( I feel sad when I saw her situation that I can do nothing about this. I wanna ask some help, what should I need to do to make her wound easy to heal, and how can I make her to allow me to touch it, coz we had a terrible hard time just to wear that collar to her. :'( please help me. Also if you know any home remedies let me know. plssss :(
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Your dog is truly suffering and you need to get help from a vet.  Try calling various rescue groups or see if a vet will help you finance the cost or allow you to make payments.  Even the local animal shelter or ASPCA may be able to help you.  If she has pus in the wound it is infected.  She needs professional help now.  This is probably not what you wanted to hear but you need to do this to get your dog better.  She is in pain and needs treatment.


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