Christopher Durin

Secrets of the deep: Cod liver oil supplements for dog arthritis treatment?

Cod liver oil has been used to improve people’s general health for centuries now. The oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids, and high amounts of vitamin A and D. Clinical tests have proven that cod liver oil helps prevent rickets in children and lowers the risk of heart disease.  Cod liver oil is also good for the skin, hair, and nails.

An interesting property of cod liver oil is that it can suppress inflammation. Normally, this is an unwanted side effect but for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, cod liver oil reduces the damage done by the inflammation to the joint cartilage.

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Bisket Baskets

Brr, it’s chilly outside! 5 tips for winter dog health

Starting to feel a bit frosty outside? It’s time to put that warm winter coat on, gloves, hat, wear thicker socks, and do all we can to keep ourselves warm and healthy during the winter season. But about Fido? How does your four-legged best friend stay in tip top health during those chilly winter months?, creators of delicious and nutritious Dog Gift Baskets and Gourmet Gift Baskets (for the humans!), are based in the often chilly Parker, Colorado, and are here to shed their canine cold weather expertise with us!

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Jason Grant

Canine diabetes 101: Symptoms to look out for

One out of ten dogs suffers from canine diabetes. What makes it dangerous is that its symptoms are not always noticeable yet its adverse effects are irreversibly damaging the dog?s organs and internal systems. This sickness is gradual in its progression, but definite in the havoc it is creating. Diabetes must be treated as soon as possible or else will prove fatal to the dog.

Certain breeds are more prone to having diabetes. This disease will also show itself around the seventh to ninth year of the canine?s life. There are limited options, if any at all, that will help your pet if he is diagnosed with diabetes in the more advanced stages. Listed are symptoms of dog diabetes that you should look out for.

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Lilian McDonald

Let the good dog sleep in peace

Most dogs are unquestionably "man's best friend." It doesn't take long for canines to become our constant buddies. When a dog owner is depressed and feeling gloomy, our pets are typically the very first to calmly lay next to us and nuzzle perceptively while we speak. They run all over the place, wag their long or short tails and jump for joyfulness when asked if they'd be partial to to visit outside for exercise time. A person may assume a stuffed toy or perhaps a ball was just as valuable as a handful of 100 dollar bills after offering it to their pet. Their reaction to everything we do indicates just how much our animals like and rely upon us. With so much hope placed in our hands, we should provide only the very best for our furry friends. One way to do this is purchasing a dog bed on behalf of your best friend.

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Jerry Welsh

Why is a dog's nose cold?

Dogs are highly valued not only for their loyal and affectionate nature but also for their excellent scenting ability. The nose has been a very efficient "tool" that has helped dogs to survive in the wild. The nose is one of the very important assets of dogs that allowed them to survive in the wild. Thanks to the excellent scenting ability, dogs in the wild were able to survive by hunting and by avoiding their predators. Dogs are not only wonderful companions because due to the smelling ability dogs have become the dependable helpers and protectors of man. Hunting or fighting predators are no longer necessary task for modern day dogs but the scenting ability continues to be a valuable asset.
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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg-Cruz

Why do dogs love to eat snow

Some dogs absolutely love being in the snow and some of them actually eat the white fluffy stuff. This kind of behavior can be difficult to explain and there are several probable causes for it. It is possible that your dog just enjoys the sensation of the snow melting in his/her mouth; however, there is also a chance that a disease is triggering your dog’s snow eating habits. Let’s explore the possible reasons why your dog is eating snow.

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