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3 tips to stop dog biting

One of the common topics that dog owners face is how to stop dog biting. There are many reasons why a dog would bite a human being or another animal. It might do so due to the fact that it scared and it is just acting out in self defense. Some canines want to display dominance and they bite to show their aggression.

A lot of dogs engage in what we call "play-biting" and the dogs are only trying to shower affection. Dog biting can inflict great pain to the other party, be it a dog or a human being, and you as the dog owner has to stop this behavior problem. Here are three tips that you may utilize to prevent dog biting.

Making a Loud Noise When It Bites

Numerous dog owners supply their dog with toys they can play with. Little do they know that when they engage in a tussle with their dogs, they are actually encouraging it to bite.

It supplies them with the false impression that it is alright to bite. Sometimes the dog may bite you when it is playing. When this happens, you need to make a loud noise. This will shock your dog and he will then realize that it is wrong to do so.

You can also make use of this method on adult dogs. Growl loudly when your dog bites you. Then, send him away and act like a strict disciplinarian. This situation can definitely make your dog get fearful. You will need to execute this immediately after he bites you so that he knows that the behavior is unacceptable.

Use a Muzzle

Until you have successfully trained your pet, you should consider using a muzzle for safety reasons. If you have children in the house or if you are expecting guests, you need to muzzle your dog. A muzzle prevents a dog from biting. If you are bringing your dog outdoors, you ought to also keep a muzzle over its snout so as to stop any bad attacks.

Eliminating Fear Biting

While learning about dog biting tips you must consider fear biting. Fear biting is a problem with most domestic canines. Most canines are amiable creatures, although their survival instincts kick in when they feel they are in a threatening situation. They bite in self defense. If you want to get rid of fear biting you have to raise your dog's self confidence.

Instead of locking your dog up in a cage, you must introduce him to brand new surroundings and environments. Bring him to parks where dog owners congregate, and allow him to play with other dogs.

It is extremely essential that you praise and reward your pet for his calm behavior. Conversely, if your dog behaves erratically in his new environment, take him away. Never reprimand or punish your dog when this happens. It will only aggravate matters.

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