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Reasons To Attend Obedience School With Your Dog

Some dogs are happy to please their owners from the moment they meet; other pups play by their own rules. Canines are similar to people in that they often need an expert to teach them what to do and avoid. Training a dog isn’t always easy, whether you’re new to pet parenting or a novice. Delve into the reasons to attend obedience school with your dog to keep training fun and simple.

Establish Yourself As the One in Charge

Some dogs think they’re in charge, and others are simply unruly. Regardless of which category your pup falls into, they may not see you as the family leader. This view can be problematic, especially if your dog assumes the role of leader instead.

Moreover, every dog learns differently, and a canine trainer can help determine the ideal method for your pooch. Some dogs find treats motivating, while others prefer verbal praise or loving scratches behind the ear. A trainer can also tell you what to avoid when training your dog so that you can establish yourself as a loving pack leader.

Teach Your Dog Basic Commands

Training your dog isn’t always easy, but there are a few commands every canine needs to know for safety’s sake. Every pooch should know how to sit, stay, heel, and respond to recall. Commands such as heel are perfect for teaching your dog to walk beside you rather than tug the leash in any direction they want to go. Likewise, recall—responding to its name—ensures your pup returns to you if it escapes the home, yard, or collar.

Add Enrichment to Their Day

All dog breeds exist to fulfill specific tasks, and even mixed breeds have this inherent need to perform certain jobs in their DNA, even if they’re house pets. Canines don’t like to sit around all day doing nothing. In fact, a lack of stimulation can lead to a pup becoming bored and getting themselves into trouble. Obedience school requires your pup to work and stimulates their mind.

Pro Tip

Class dismissal doesn’t mean training is over for the week. It’s best to work with your pooch each day to engrain new commands and tricks into their mind.

Bond With Your Pup

The final reason to attend obedience school with your dog is to spend quality time with your furry friend. Training your dog helps you grow closer and boosts your pup’s trust. Likewise, obedience school is fun for you since it allows you to teach your pup new things and rule out negative behaviors. Enjoy every moment with your furry friend!

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