Basic dog training - What's involved

Your canine friend isn't just a house pet. Your dog is a part of your life, and just as you would want to have your children behave, so do you desire that for your dog because the whole household then runs smoother and more happily.

You must have patience as you train your dog, for they like to be a bit rambunctious and obedience doesn't come easily. Be firm but never hurtful as you teach what is needed. Violence will only make your dog more anxious and thus more aggressive.

In fact, perseverance is the most important thing. That's because whether you train your dog on your own, with someones help or with a handbook, any commands and tricks you teach your dog have to be repeated again and again. Only with repetition will the dog learn the trick. You need to keep doing it because dogs can be forgetful just like people.

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Crate training your dog or puppy

Training your adorable puppy is actually the best gift you can give him because he'll be easier on you and others and thus people will take to him and give him lots of attention.

By establishing a good quality training routine you also establish yourself as the master of the house. This is very beneficial in the outcome of your training efforts. The puppy will learn better once you establish that you are the one in control.

The first type of crate should be a long one and must have a gate that can be locked. Such a kind of crate could be a wire cage. The crate should be large enough so that the dog can feel comfortable. At the same time one should remember that a very large crate will not help in house breaking training.

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