Are air purifiers good for pet allergies?

Most people in the West have a pet: a cat, a dog, a hamster, a rabbit or a parrot. They are good company and doctors believe that having a pet lowers stress and stress is the biggest killer in the West. Keeping a pet helps you live longer. It is a real pity then that some people develop allergies to their pets.

If you or someone in your close family has developed an allergy to a family pet, it can be a tricky problem to solve. Especially if you have young children. Young children become attached to pets very quickly, so the obvious answer to the problem - getting rid of it - is not always an option. If this is your quandary, help is at hand.

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Welsh Terriers - Facing a struggle

Initially, Welsh terriers were bred for hunting rabbits, foxes and badgers, but public opinion and the decline in the lust for blood in general have gone against blood sports and so this native breed of Wales has become a show dog and a pet. Breeders attempt to outdo each other by breeding the Welsh terrier to have a denser wiry coat and deeper colouration. The Welsh terrier is also a popular pet because it is one of the most easy-going terriers.

The Welsh terrier is a fun loving dog. It just loves to run, chase and play, which makes it a smashing companion and a perfect pet. Welsh terriers require lots of exercise, so be prepared for plenty of walks, if you make your mind up to get one.

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Boarding dogs in kennels

Are you the sort of dog owner who likes to take your companion with you wherever you go? If you are then you know that that there are times when you can do this, but there are also times when you can not, for whatever reason.

On the occasions when that happens, you will usually have to to find a boarding kennels that will take care of your dog while you are away.

A vacation is a time for relaxing, so you do not want to be worrying about your dog, if you can help it. Within your own country, it is not usually a big problem, but if you go abroad, then taking your dog can be more trouble than it is worth. Not only for you, but for your doggy friend as well.

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Animals, fleas, ticks and worms

Fleas and other parasites have always to be given the top priority by dog owners. The all too common occurrences of flea bite allergy in the case of dogs causes worry to many dog owners every year. This is because flea bites can induce allergic reactions in the area bitten by the fleas. In these cases, the affected area becomes hairless due to the dog scratching itself vigorously.

Heavy flea infestations can cause severe dermatitis in dogs, because the dog will scratch and scratch the area until he bleeds and can also introduce infection. If the flea bites cause an allergic reaction or even dermatitis in your dog, he/she really ought to be taken to the veterinary doctor as soon as possible, because usually, the dog will be experiencing severe discomfort by this time.

The vet will sell you a cream to ease the itching and reduce the inflammation and some powder or a spray to kill the fleas. Prevention, however, is better than cure and medicated collars are available to treat and prevent an infestation of external blood-suckers like ticks and fleas.

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How to keep your dog motivated

Keeping the attention of your dog during training is not always easy. Dogs can be easily distracted, and it is important to not allow the dog training sessions to be sabotaged by boredom. Making dog training fun for the dog and the human alike is essential to creating a happy, well adjusted and well trained dog.

You should provide random positive stimuli during the day in order to maintain the interest of your dog. Doing things the dog like, like walking in the park, riding in the car, and playing with other dogs, are good methods to keep the dog's attention, but you must give him rewards for his successes.

For instance, in order to reward the dog for coming to you when you call him, ask the dog to come to you, without giving any ideas about going for a walk, a car ride, or other treats.

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Parasites on dogs

You have to get rid of heart worm, fleas and other parasites in dogs whenever they raise their ugly heads by using the relevant treatment on them. Many medications have come onto the market to defend dogs from heart worms, fleas and other parasites such as hook worms, whip worms, round worms, lice, ticks etc.

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