Discover the healthy benefits of pet ownership!

We all know how great it is to have a pet!  They comfort us and make us feel welcomed regardless of the type of day we'v...

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Shedding 101

With the summer months upon us, everyone is feeling the pain shedding. After a winter long build up of fur to stay warm, your pups are trying to cool off and lose any extra hair. In addition to heat, other summer time issues can cause your dog to shed more than usual. Here are some hints to help control shedding.

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Wild Mushrooms

Every day people walk their dogs into parks, along other people's lawns and into the woods. In those areas, nature runs wild ...

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Care and Feeding

We all know people who have spent thousands to get their pet better once they become seriously ill.  The problem with this approach is that your pet suffers the consequences of poor health.  Why not prevent it? The following are a few basic steps necessary to prevent most serious illness...

Food Animals are adaptable behaviorally, but not when it comes to their natural diet

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