The importance of flea baths in the lifetime of your cat

Spending your precious time at dwelling subsequent to a flea infested cat is one of the most undesirable conditions for families everywhere. Some pet house owners are usually disgusted merely by the fact that their cat is continually licking and scratching himself, sometimes even biting off big chunks of hair. The bad news is that there's nothing out there that can prevent the fleas from leaping in your cat's coat like a magnet.

Moreover if they are not saved underneath management, it is doubtless they'll leap on humans as well. Pet owners might easily discover themselves scratching their pores and skin as usually as the pet house cat.

Should you hold a cat at residence, it should be a excessive precedence to stop fleas earlier than they take over your home. Preventive treatment could possibly be the one technique to keep a step ahead of a flea infestation . Just a few matter solutions are at present accessible in the retail market to help keep fleas away out of your cat . Most of these merchandise have confirmed to be successful, offered that pet homeowners comply with the applying instructions.

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How to keep your cat safe during Halloween

The pumpkins are carved, decorations are hanging and you are ready to get the party started. Unfortunately, other people may want to have their own party with your cat as the center of attention. How will you keep your cat safe from dangers that lurk during this Halloween season?

The best thing to do at all times is to keep your cat indoors. An indoor cat is safer for many reasons: No hawks, owls, coyotes or other animal predators No people predators No way to catch diseases like Feline Leukemia or Feline Aids No way to catch parasites like fleas, ear mites, or worms

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Caring for your cat's teeth

Looking after your pet's dental hygiene is the primary duty of the cat owner, so begin your cat teeth care today, rather than waiting till next February. In case you are wondering out of 12 months why is February mentioned, it is because two august bodies, The American Veterinarian Medicine Association or the AVMA and the United States American Veterinarian dental Society or the AVDS, have decided to do something special during this calendar month.

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Ready for a new kitten

If you have decided to get a cat for your family you'll be busy preparing for that new kitten. It is a big responsibility taking in any pet and with a kitten there are some specific things you should know and they'll help you to become accustomed to settling it in. This will make easing them in a lot quicker and you and the rest of the family can get used to enjoying having a relationship with your homes newest resident.

In doing this you'll ensure that you don't have to worry about getting any furniture damaged and help the transition become a smooth one. You will need to stock up on a few items that can be sourced from your local pet store but these are relatively inexpensive and will help when your cat moves in to keep them occupied and comfortable.

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Why do cats scratch?

Did you know that one of the biggest issues that bother cat owners is the fact that cat's scratch and their scratching can be destructive? If you are "owned by a cat" (aren't we all! - they own us don't they!) or are planning to get one remember that scratching is a natural instinct. For a cat to not scratch would be abnormal behavior and something you should actual seek medical attention.

Perhaps if you understand the reasons why cats scratch you will recognize how to change the cat's environment so they will have the appropriate scratching tools and limit or prevent destruction of your furniture and expensive items in your home.

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The basic cat care for the new kitten

When it is time to bring a new kitten into the household, there are some basic cat care for the new kitten items that you will need. Don't be tempted with all the things that are on the market but start with the necessities. Make a list and bring it with you.

Food should be the number one item. You will need bowls for both food and water. If your pet has been on a regular diet since learning to feed itself, stick with the same food. Different foods can be offered later as long as they are nutritional.

Second on your list is a litter-box, a scoop, and good quality litter. One of the nice things about a cat, is that there is no need to house break them. They are instinctively drawn to the litter-box. Choose an absorbent kind that also neutralize odor. Keep the litter clean or your kitten will find another place to go.

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