Tips for helping your cat live longer

Any cat lover will want to help keep their feline companion from leaving their side too early. It is not that difficult to do that and is similar to taking care of one's own child. But there might be some key points that cat owners should take note of to extend their pet's lifespan.

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Urinary problems in cats - Cat bladder problems a common cat illness

You may be alarmed when your vet tells you that the cat urine problems your cat is exhibiting are really related to a common cat illness. Urinary problems in cats is a excruciating condition often misread as a behavior problem. Now don't you feel a bit small that you've been scolding your cat when she's been sick and hurting? Here's some tips to help you recognize feline urinary tract infections and to get it under control fast - before its and emergency.

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The best tips on how to raise a kitten

Before you bring your new kitten home, you need to know how to raise a kitten so you understand what you can expect and to make the transition as smooth as possible for every member of the household.

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Caring for senior cats

Just like in people, a cat's body changes as the cat ages. Normal aging involves gradual changes, but some senior cats develop age-related illness. Caring for senior cats involves identifying normal age-related changes, caring for the aging cats special needs, and consulting your veterinarian about any drastic changes or questions about the aging cat.

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How long do cats live and what affects their lifespan?

How long do cats live? This is a common question from cat owners. Since many factors can affect the cat lifespan, there is no single answer. However, a healthy indoor cat can live up to twenty-one years.

If the cat is allowed to spend time outdoors without confinement or supervision, the cat lifespan is often drastically decreased. Pat cats who roam outdoors are susceptible to accidents such as being struck by a car, disease contracted from other cats, and poisoning which is usually accidental.

The hazards of being outdoors all the time drastically affects the lifespan of stray cats and feral cats. A large percentage of stray and feral cats only live a few years due to these dangers and starvation.

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Reverse feline bladder thickening

When your cat gets diagnosed with feline bladder thickening, then they likely have a urinary tract infection previously that ...

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