Take Your Dog on an Australian Adventure

Australia is a magnificent country. It is rich in stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, rainforest, and diverse wildlife. There is something for everyone in the land down under. And it is well known that travelling with your family means happiness, great memories, and bonding. Of course, our dogs are our family, too. It should go without saying. So, let’s see how and where you could take your pooch on an Australian adventure!

Prepare well

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Travelling: Should Your Pet Stay or Go?

You’ve finally managed to get your well-deserved vacation and wish to spend it exploring the amazing places that your country has to offer? Are Australian roads calling you for a trip full of excitement and adventure? It sounds wonderful. But then, what will you do with your furry pal? Having a pet is a blessing in so many ways, but when it comes to travelling, you may find yourself torn between bringing your pet with you or leaving them at home. Both options come with plenty of worrying on your part; in that sense you need to carefully consider all of your choices and be very realistic.

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How To Keep Your Dog Happy While You’re At Work

No matter how many times you repeat the ritual, the ending results will be the same – crying, squealing, scratching the door and begging you to come back home. Until dogs grasp the concept of capitalism, it’ll remain impossible to explain to your puppy that you’re not abandoning it every time you leave for work. And while it breaks your heart seeing your furry companion so devastated, you need to grit your teeth and come with some innovative and fresh ideas that’ll help you keep your best friend happy while you’re away. These few tips just might give you a proper insight on where to start.

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The importance of the domestic environment on pet psychology

It’s official; we are a nation of pet lovers, and we are taking our pets’ emotions and psychology into consideration more than ever before, evidenced by the sheer number of professionals who are willing to help us to understand our pets. However, you needn’t spend hundreds of dollars to make your pets happier; in fact, simply adjusting your animals’ environment and changing the way you react to certain situations can make for a happier household all round.

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Molly is resting this evening ... staying at the vet hospital overnight...

Molly at the vet

Its a very nervous day for us today.  Our little Molly is at the vet having a liver biopsy performed.  Her levels w...
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