Dog's Cushing's Disease: Don't get fooled by these signs and symptoms of Cushing's disease in dogs

What is dog's Cushing's disease? Dogs Cushing's disease is a common problem that affects senior pets, and is caused by overac...

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Keeping your dog well hydrated

Dehydration is caused when dogs loss to much body fluids. Minerals called electrolytes are also lost when the dog becomes dehydrated. Dehydration in dogs can cause some very serious health problems if left untreated. Since dogs are unable to sweat they release excess heat by panting. Extensive panting, especially hard panting, can lead to dehydration.

One of the best ways to avoid dehydration is to always have sufficient shelter and fresh, clean water available for the dog. Heat stoke is a common cause of dogs becoming dehydrated. There are other causes of dehydration, such as severe vomiting or diarrhea or fever.

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12 Things to do to make you a better dog owner

Not only does your dog require good behavior and discipline, but so does the dog owner. While dogs can be a lot of fun, caring for a pet isn't all fun and games, It's a lifetime commitment. Taking care of your dog is a big responsibility. Don't take it lightly.

As a dog owner, you are directly responsible for your dog. It's within your power to give your dog a healthy and happy life. Don't take this responsibility lightly.

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How to choose a heated dog bed

Some of the major benefits of having dog beds heated are for the treatment of arthritis and joint issues. The pain from these ailments can be treated with heat. Dogs, like their human counterparts benefit from the heat in a similar way.

There are many types including heated large dog beds for larger dogs and heated small dog beds for smaller dogs. There are a few things one should look out for when buying a new heated dog bed. An important issue would be the size of your dog. If your dog is young make sure to buy a heated dog bed based on the expected adult size.

It is also a good idea to match it with the intended use. Therefore if a bed is to be used outside then go for a heated outdoor dog bed. This will be important for the safety of your dog. If you do not feel comfortable with wires then a heating pad could be a decent alternative. Heated dog beds usually have steel wrapped wires.

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Pooch to 5k - Excerise for your dog & you!

If you own a dog and you are interested in improving their overall health and temperament, then you should consider taking your canine companion along on your next run. Running with your dog provides them with the exercise they need to remain healthy both mentally and physically. Unfortunately, many dog owners think that they can achieve these goals by simply taking their dog for a walk. The truth is that walking does not provide enough exercise for most breeds. Pooch to 5K ( was developed to address the growing epidemic of unhealthy and overweight dogs.

What is Pooch to 5K?

Pooch to 5K is a 12 week training program that is designed to gradually increase your dog’s endurance to the point where they are able to comfortably run 5 km with you on a regular basis.

Who is Pooch to 5K?

The Pooch to 5K program was developed by husband and wife team Francis and Audrey Harvey. Francis is an accredited athletics coach and also has years of experience in dog training. Not only that but he is an avid trail runner as well.

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Why does my cat drink dirty water?

You know that cats should always have a supply of water, especially if you are feeding them dried food. There on your nice clean kitchen floor is a bowl of nice clean fresh water, in a nice clean bowl.

What does your cat do? Maybe gives the bowl a sniff and walks away from it, or just ignores the bowl completely, as if water were the last thing a self respecting cat would consider drinking.

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