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Pug information: Finding a Pug puppy for sale

Some places will be a lot easier to find a Pug puppy for sale than others. If you live in Alaska, you won't find them. Considering the weather in Alaska, you should consider another breed of dog, anyway. However, if you live anywhere lower than British Columbia, you probably will see more Pugs than Coke bottles. In some cities like Philadelphia, Pugs are among the most popular dogs, although they are only in the top twenty nationally.

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Spotting a fake Pug breeder

You have taken the first step and decided that it is time to get a new pet and that pet is going to be a Pug. Now that you have decided what kind of dog to get, the next thing you need is information on where to get your new pet from.

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Bringing a rescued Pug home

The world is full of people and organizations that are so dedicated to the Pug that they have designed facilities known as Pug rescues. Pug rescues are no kill rescue facilities that only rescue Pugs, usually Pugs that have papers. Pug rescues take the Pugs out of environments that are either abusive or dangerous to the Pugs' physical or mental health.

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All about the Pug rescue dog

Before you go and jump on the phone calling about how to pick up your very own Pug Rescue dog to train, you need to sit back and think a few things over. Yes, this is an incredible way to give back to others but is this something that you can really handle? There is a lot of work involved with raising any dog, but especially with raising a Pug rescue dog. There are a lot of rules to follow and you must make sure that you are up for the challenge.

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Pug encephalitis

Of all the different breeds of dog that one can choose from the Pug is definitely one of the best because they are friendly and loving. Dog food is where dogs get most of their nutrition from so it is important to choose the healthiest, highest quality food possible. Cleaning in between the folds on the Pug's skin is one of the most important parts of caring for the dog.

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Historic place is at man's side

Pugs are about the most unique looking breed of dogs you will come across. It's pretty hard to mistake a purebred Pug or even a Pug mix for anything else. Pugs are basically miniature Mastiffs with Pekingese faces. They average about seventeen pounds and are built a lot like furry bricks with legs and extremely curly tails. They average about ten or eleven inches in height at the highest point of their shoulders (called the withers).

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