Mixed breed dogs share genetic characteristics with two or more different breeds. For most of these dogs their genetic background is unknown and they often tend to be called by many different names. Just a few these names include random bred dog, mongrel, and bitzer.

Even though a mixed breed dogs have several advantages over purebreds, most people still seem to prefer purebreds. However, one of the advantages of mixed breed dogs is that they tend to show a higher intelligence on average than most purebreds.

Also, it has been shown that these dogs on average are healthier and live much longer than purebred dogs. This is due to something called hybrid vigor which happens when you mix two or more breeds together. Purebred dogs often carry genetic problems with them and these are often passed on to the next generation.

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The Labrador Retriever gives the Golden Retriever a run for its money as to which between the two is the most popular family dog in the world. The Labrador Retriever's friendliness, behavior with children, affectionate and kind disposition and faithfulness are qualities that set it above all other dogs in the world.

The Labrador retriever pups are so cute that you might have a crush the instant you see him. If you bring home a Labrador retriever then you will be assured of constant companionship. He is no ordinary dog; he is a gentle and understanding dog with loads of patience especially towards children. Since 1991, the lab retriever has been the most popular dog based on registrations in the United States.

Labs have a history of assisting in waterfowl hunting and love water. A completely dependable dog, lab retrievers are being trained more and more for assisting blind and disabled people. They are regarded as specialist dogs by K9 units across the United States and in bomb squads or sniffer squadrons across the world. This doesn't mean that the retriever is a working dog only; he is "the" family dog too.

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People have long had a love affair with mixed breed dogs or "mutts". These dogs tend to differ quite a lot in size, looks and personality, even when they come from the same brood. Mutts more often than not have very good healthiness and they make great pets.

A mutt is a dog that is a product of an unfamiliar family. They are not of one specific breed and it is usually unknown if there parents are of purebred status. Mutts have an unidentified heritage and a questionable inherited line.

A purebred has two parents of the identical breed. Usually there are lengthy genetic records that go back many generations. Breeders vigilantly select the dogs they will breed so as to promise that the strongest traits are characteristic in the pups.

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Have you been thinking about getting a dog? I find, like a lot of people do, that a big dog seems more appealing than a small one. They can be so much fun to play with and give one lots of exercise. There are those, however, who aren't going to agree with me on this.

Still, if you find yourself in the big dog camp, here are four breeds definitely worth looking into if you're considering the idea of getting a bigger dog.

Despite what you may have heard about Rottweilers, they are actually really sweet good dogs. It's just a matter of giving them the correct training with the end result being a totally gentle dog.

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The latest craze among teacup Yorkie lovers is a focus on healthy living. Owners of these fabulous creatures have found they often enjoy placing a special importance on their diet and mealtime. The pets will benefit greatly, seeing as a Yorkies' stomach is temperamental.

Yorkies love to be stroked and encouraged during mealtime. This method is often recommended by top breeders, especially for young puppies. Teacup Yorkies are very loyal to their owners and love to feel a part of the pack.

Many kinds of dog food exist; the main categories are canned, bagged, and prepackaged (plastic containers such as the Caesar brand). Most teacup yorkies' owners find they prefer one form of food over another. Additionally, types of dog food may be mixed and matched.

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The Border Terrier is a level tempered dog that you might see being used as a therapy dog. They are known to have a high capacity to think independently and are very smart dogs. Terriers are extremely agile and have powerful jumping ability.

Borders love to run so daily trips to the park or out for a long run is just what the Border Terrier needs to keep them active. Natural born foxhunters, they were used back in the day to flush the foxes, otters and badgers out of their holds. It's always amazing to see this quick dog in action and jumping despite their how short their legs are.

Border Terriers are natural born runners. Their innate sense of the chase make these dogs a breed that you need to watch around small animals like mice, rabbits and such. They can learn not to chase the family kitten provided you raise them together but when you are out walking, best to keep them on a leash because they are likely to bolt if they see a stranger cat.

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